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It’s been nearly 8 weeks since I started the Blood Type Diet and so far, so good. I’m an O+ blood type and haven’t missed my apparent biggest offender, wheat, a dot.

The purpose of starting the diet was to feel healthier, limit indigestion and kickstart losing the last of the baby weight…

In a nutshell I stay away from gluten (hello Ryvita in every flavour) and some dairy but goat’s cheese, feta and buffalo mozzarella get the thumbs up and I do still have milk despite it being on the ‘don’t have list for my blood type’ (can’t live without my decaf cappucinos-rock ‘n’ roll baby!), I stay away from acidic fruit focusing on alkaline foods so plums, apples, bananas, pears are fine, limit lentils (but black eyed beans and cannelli beans get a yes), eat lots of lean meat, fish, seafood, eggs in moderation, brown rice and sweet potatoes. For more info on eating right for your blood type just should simply google it ( I got all the info online myself).

I do of course treat myself to cake (mostly on the weekends) but ‘dark chocolate day’ is pretty much every day for me and I would say I follow this way of eating 90% of the time.

blood type diet

Playing around with filters on the iphone…and another photobomber (his legs anyway as he searches for a ball!)

The Results:

Despite no substantiated evidence the diet actually works, my body seems to like this way of eating, I have lots of energy, no indigestion (blaming the wheat and lentils on that one).

My ezcema has also improved massively (I had it on my elbows and that has completely vanished), less bloat thanks to going mostly wheat free (wheat never really liked me nor my Mum so it must be a family thing) and I’m losing weight without feeling like I’m on a diet, just a healthy way of eating (as I always ate pretty much just with less wheat and lentils).

What’s more, my identical twin Miranda Kerr (hehe!) is a huge fan as is a lot of Hollywood and that’s good enough for me. Oh and my GP approves. Do ask yours before embarking on any kind of diet.

Here I am, my baby recently turned 1, not quite back to my pre baby body but getting there (come on the last 7 pounds!).

I am back in my pre pregnancy UK size 10 wardrobe though, but thanks to a 2nd c-section, the tummy is putting up a good fight (thank goodness for Spanx). That and my arms need more toning…I really need to keep up with using weights (doesn’t lifting little people count?)!

Complementary Medicine:

I’ve also started accupuncture to help with PMT and general well being too, my first session in a long time, was yesterday and I’ve never felt more relaxed or centred than after seeing him so this is definitely going to be a regular occurence. My accupuncturist also gave my diet his approval but when it came to exercise, recommended I only run twice a week, supplementing the aerobic exercise with yoga to help me relax so I’m going to be buying a yoga dvd asap!

…My new regime of taking more vitamins is also helping me tackle the much dreaded PMT too (which appears to have gotten worse post second baby).  I wrote about my PMT busters recently; Vitamin D, Calcium and Vit B6 are really helping to change those two days I should emigrate every month!

So these are the current dietary and lifestyle changes I’ve been making and I really feel better for it.

Have you tried the Blood Type Diet?

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14 Responses

  1. Sharmin

    You look amazing hon. I think I’m the same blood type. I’ve looked into this diet before, but never really persevered. But when I look at you I think i should perhaps give it a go. x

    • honestmum

      @Mirka aw thanks sweetie, really touched by your comment, I definitely feel lots better, especially limiting the wheat xx

  2. Countryidyll

    I am allergic to cows’ milk products (though am okay with mozzarella), so I have Woodland’s sheep yoghurt (from Waitrose and is really yummy), goats’ cheese and semi-skimmed goats’ milk, which is surprisingly mild in flavour.

    • honestmum

      @countryidyll thanks, will look out for that and yes I love goat’s cheese (not so keen on the milk though-my Mum loves it!)

  3. ebabee

    I’m the same blood type and I think wheat is my enemy too. Need to give it up although don’t think I can live without lentils! You are glowing! x


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