I’ve noticed something pretty remarkable today: that despite the Big Freeze (and it is so flipping freezing that my right hand went completely numb earlier to the tune of -3 degrees) these beyond cray temps have brought people together. Southern inhabitants of the metropolis of London no doubt, together too. Even as I type, I’m laughing with people sat next to me on the Waterloo to Windsor train about the fact we’re all going to clap like grateful people on planes, when we finally arrive at our destination after a snow-induced delay on the tracks.

Eye contact and communication, usually the reserve of the unhinged and unwanted attention feels meaningful in public. Like everyone wants to be friends in this winter wonderland. Romanticised yearnings, perhaps but I like how I feel right now.

I was even asked out on a date earlier by a random guy when my train got in. The snow is seemingly giving people (snow) balls #soz.

People are being friendlier and warmer though- strangers are smiling at one another more, exchanging commenting in public toilets and over their tables in restaurants, musing over the weather and whether it will last (the Brits fave topic of convo) or remarking how pretty the snowfall looks…Londoners are brilliant at coming together when adversity hits and the weather here has somewhat shocked us to be fair. A cabbie told me earlier that in all the years he’s been on the roads n London, he’s never seen a slow blizzard quite like it.

London has never looked prettier at least.

I’ll take my cold hands any day of the week if it means connecting with strangers on trains for the foreseeable.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to jump into the comfiest onesie I own and I’m cranking the heater up high.

Thank you London for bringing me joy today.

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The Big Freeze Has Been Thawing Out Londoners

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2 Responses

  1. Rebecca Smith

    Love this, it’s so true, everyone seems to be in such high spirits, charitable and genuinely more caring towards one another…instead of dreaming of moving to warmer climates, maybe I need to move to Lapland instead!!!

  2. Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb

    I know EXACTLY what you mean Vicki – it was the same during the Olympics, people were talking to each other on the tube and no one thought it was weird… What IS weird is the way we go back to being afraid of eye contact and conversation as if that’s the norm. Yesterday I trudged across Hyde Park in the blizzard and then back again across the treacherous snowy pathways because I was late due to severely delayed trains which had a knock-on effect with me getting back for the last train home… I made it to Paddington with three minutes to go. I don’t trust tubes and cabs to be on time but I can trust my legs!! However a word of advice: Don’t walk in the streets after a snowstorm because you can’t walk fast without running the risk of falling over. I nearly went for a burton about five times, I’m amazed I stayed upright AND caught my train!!

    Catherine x


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