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My 5:2 Diet/ Fast Diet Update

I’m now on week 3 of Dr Michael Moseley’s revolutionary Fast Diet-where he advocates eating normally for 5 days and ‘fasting’ (consuming 500 cals for women, 600 for men) for the remaining 2. Moseley found this way of eating helps lower the hormone IGF -1 which assists us in growing as children but ages us in adulthood.

As I mentioned in my previous post, high levels of this hormone leads to diabetes, heart disease and cancer in men and women so if you reduce these levels (as demonstrated in the Horizon documentary ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer‘ through fasting and reducing protein substantially), your cells switch from growth mode to repair mode, using up glucose and burning fat in the process so you lose weight.

I must say now on my 6th fast day (today)-I did try to make it the other day but my husband had other ideas and presented me with his homemade sushi below so it soon became a normal eating day, but things have got considerably easier.

leek, feta and rocket pie

As Moseley’s book states, hunger comes in waves, thus making the low cal days less hard than you think (I must say I often eat 700 cals on these days as I’m up in the night with a 4 month old) and fast days have become so normalised, I don’t even feel hungry.

I always make my Auntie’s lentil soup and other vegetable soups which I eat on fast days and as I’m not a breakfast person, I tend to save my calories for lunch (poached eggs on spinach) filling up on homemade soup in the day followed by chicken and salad in the evening. I do like an oat cake or two and some apple before bed to help keep me going and I’m not religiously counting the cals yet still losing weight.

What invariably does keep me going on fast days is the fact I know I will be eating normally the following day (feta pie anyone?). I must invariably eat less on normal eating days too as my tummy has shrunk and not only do I feel I’m improving my health, but I’m also losing my baby weight.

Not a fan of weighing myself, I’m letting my clothes do the talking…and they’re telling me to buy some more (yipee!) as coats feel too big and sports gear I couldn’t fit into a week ago (without literally pouring myself in) now fit. Simples. And it really is just that.

Have you tried the diet? If so, how are you getting along?

This diet is not for everyone. Please ask your Dr before embarking on any kind of diet.

Sushi Photograph ©Peter Broadbent

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