I’m now on week 3 of Dr Michael Moseley’s revolutionary Fast Diet-where he advocates eating normally for 5 days and ‘fasting’ (consuming 500 cals for women, 600 for men) for the remaining 2. Moseley found this way of eating helps lower the hormone IGF -1 which assists us in growing as children but ages us in adulthood.

As I mentioned in my previous post, high levels of this hormone leads to diabetes, heart disease and cancer in men and women so if you reduce these levels (as demonstrated in the Horizon documentary ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer‘ through fasting and reducing protein substantially), your cells switch from growth mode to repair mode, using up glucose and burning fat in the process so you lose weight.

I must say now on my 6th fast day (today)-I did try to make it the other day but my husband had other ideas and presented me with his homemade sushi below so it soon became a normal eating day, but things have got considerably easier.

leek, feta and rocket pie

As Moseley’s book states, hunger comes in waves, thus making the low cal days less hard than you think (I must say I often eat 700 cals on these days as I’m up in the night with a 4 month old) and fast days have become so normalised, I don’t even feel hungry.

I always make my Auntie’s lentil soup and other vegetable soups which I eat on fast days and as I’m not a breakfast person, I tend to save my calories for lunch (poached eggs on spinach) filling up on homemade soup in the day followed by chicken and salad in the evening. I do like an oat cake or two and some apple before bed to help keep me going and I’m not religiously counting the cals yet still losing weight.

What invariably does keep me going on fast days is the fact I know I will be eating normally the following day (feta pie anyone?). I must invariably eat less on normal eating days too as my tummy has shrunk and not only do I feel I’m improving my health, but I’m also losing my baby weight.

Not a fan of weighing myself, I’m letting my clothes do the talking…and they’re telling me to buy some more (yipee!) as coats feel too big and sports gear I couldn’t fit into a week ago (without literally pouring myself in) now fit. Simples. And it really is just that.

Have you tried the diet? If so, how are you getting along?

This diet is not for everyone. Please ask your Dr before embarking on any kind of diet.

Sushi Photograph ©Peter Broadbent

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20 Responses

  1. Mark Zahid

    Wow, nice post! All the information you have shared are very interesting and helpful.
    You can check this article as I can see that they improvised on a lot of other topics including dieting, physical exercise, and other human bad habits.

  2. Izzy L.

    hi everyone.. my bf and I started this diet yesterday. He had seen all the hype about it so we decided to try it. We both would like to lose about 10-12lbs. WE started right off with fasting the first day and it was harder than i thought, although he claims it wasn’t bad. I was hungry most of the day and was actually cranky the later part of the night, but then it was over and another day. Today is my 2nd day of “normal eating” and i don’t feel very hungry although i’m only through lunch at this point. We will fast again tomorrow to make our 2 days for the week. We did not weigh in as I don’t have scale at home, and like to go by how my clothes fit but we plan on buying one this weekend to really track our progress. We will weigh in this w/e. I’ll keep you all posted!

    • honestmum

      @IzzyL well done you and good luck with it; I’ve now stopped the diet but it really worked well for me. I’ve only got another 7 pounds to go and am pounding the treadmill. I’ve learnt a lot from the diet though. Good luck.

      • izzy l

        I exercise regularly, in fact, also run!
        do you recommend not running on the days i fast?

  3. Adamsmum

    I’m just completed my 5th week on this diet with amazing results. I have had food issues most of my life and most recently a binge eating problem. Having had therapy to overcome this and then having a baby I was a bit dubious that this would be a good idea for me but my weight was going up and up and I had to do something. This diet may just have saved my life – I have lost 11lbs so far and the way I see food has completely changed. Now on my non fasting days I’m hardly ever over eating because I’m not depriving myself 24/7 and can have what I like when I like. I choose my fasting days around what I have going on during the week and at the weekend I can have wine – amazing diet lol!

    This fits in with my life perfectly and I think I can sustain it long term – the fasting days are so easy now :0) xx

    • honestmum

      @Adamsmum really pleased you to hear you are happy and feel better about food doing this. I really find it easy too and the health benefits are the most appealing element of it. Thanks for your comment x

  4. Maria @ Feisty Tapas

    I saw you tweeting about this and had to come check it out, it sounds like the 5:2 diet. I am desperate to lose weight so I considered it but my husband checked with his doctor and, because he is diabetic Type 2, he was told no. I need to do it in a way that I can do it but he still gets all his calories. He never gets home on time for dinner with our toddler so we have dinner later so I already cook two different evening meals as it is… Perhaps I can try it twice a week and see if it drives me nuts or not. In between work and everything I run out of time easily.

    • honestmum

      @Maria thank you lovely. I think if you cook up lots of soup and healthy meals for him anyway and just eat less it would work well x

  5. Reluctant Housedad

    It sounds like you’ve hit on something that really works. My wife’s issue is not so much what she eats here (coz I do the cooking) it’s the rubbish she eats at her desk – overloaded sandwiches from Pret etc. I think I could make her some nice vegetable soups for her to take to work, to start with. Thanks for this. Appreciated.

    • honestmum

      @Reluctant Housedad it is frightening what goes in sandwiches (not sure about Pret as they seem healthy) but they can be calorific. I’ve tweeted you a lentil soup recipe which is delicious and filling!

  6. Countryidyll

    Well done you! You have obviously found a diet that suits you, which is great. I believe that a colleague at work is following this diet and she thinks it’s wonderful.

  7. Susanne@babyhuddle

    I’m doing this! Minty put me on to this and I have to say that I am finding it so liberating! I have always restricted food and have always felt that diets were punishment etc. This one is so liberating because once you’ve done a fast day you can eat normally the next. I found today that I wasn’t able to eat a whole sandwich and also that I didn’t want to either. I’ve done 2 weeks now and lost 3lb which I’m really pleased with! Nice to know someone else who is doing it too!

    • honestmum

      @Mirka of course you can borrow him…will need him back from night feeds and more sushi soon though. Great to hear it worked for you and impressed you got there before Dr Moseley x

      • Debbie

        Hi there I have been following this now for 4 weeks. My 1st week I lost 3 and half pounds. 2nd week stayed same and 3rd week put on 2 lb so I feel so disheartened I have dobe 1 fast day yesterday and a again tommorow then weigh on thurs morn I just hope I see some results this week

      • honestmum

        @Debbie thanks for your comment, I don’t weigh myself but overall over the last 2 months I’ve really lost a lot. I think make sure you don’t over compensate on non fast days and eat well but don’t go crazy (that’s what I do anyway).

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