The 5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Having Tonsillitis

Illustration of Vicki ill by Gemma Doodles

So I’m sorry to be a total tonsillitis-bore but I’ve been suffering badly with this flipping acute infection which saw me in an ambulance on Wednesday evening and a night in A + E! Thankfully, they caught it just before it turned into Quincy (something I suffered with in my 20s where I couldn’t even swallow water)! The doctors told me this particular strain of tonsillitis is horrendous with others ending up in hospital too!

Fast forward 17 odd years and here I am again with pain that’s hand on my heart worse than a c-section recovery and a feeling of being institutionalised at home with only soup, mashed banana and avocado on tap.

We did, surprisingly have a lovely Easter day thanks to clever steroids (which have since run-out) and close family and friends over for food which my folks cooked and we spent the day laughing thanks to Papa G and my friend Libby who always bring the comedy factor with them.

Anyway, enough rambling from me (I’m making up for not being able to speak aren’t I?), below are 5 things I’ve learnt since becoming ill.

  1. Medication rocks. I write this as someone who barely takes paracetamol and loves to look to food and nature first but you know what, sometimes antibiotics is what you need and without it, you’re on a slippery slope to IV meds and feeling horrendous af.
  2. I get bored easily. Don’t we all, but wow, 3 days in bed and I miss my daily walks in Windsor, lapping up the breathtaking views here and getting out and about with the kids. I’m an outdoorsy, active person and sitting at home, however many episodes of 5 Star Hotel I had to catch up on, has made me feel stir-crazy.
  3. I love bananas. Look I didn’t used to hate them by any means, but they were never my first choice of fruit yet hello you versatile little beauts. Current fave is Greek yogurt topped with mashed banana, a little Manuka honey and some cinnamon. Try it, tonsillitis or not!
  4. My friends and family are the best. I’ve never seen so much support IRL and online with kind messages, offers for help and even an illustration to cheer me up from the brilliant Gemma Doodles. Thank you so much all for the love. It was my FB and Twitter followers who kept me company in A+E from 3-7am as I sat solo waiting for care among drunks at crazy o’clock. Extra thanks to my husband Peter too, who is my 10 carat diamond rock as always, and my wonderful mates Libby and Carolyn who respectively, took the kids to school and came over to entertain the children when I literally couldn’t move. I love you guys. Also big thanks to one of my blogging besties, Dr Juliet McGrattan for her expert advice and super support. Which leads me to…
  5. Feeling grateful. I will never take my health for granted again. I realise this is only an infection that will pass (however awful it’s been) and many people are enduring a million times worse than I but there’s nothing like feeling ill to remind you of how lucky you are when you’re able to run around again at full kilter. Whilst this episode has been a forced rest for me, I intend to live life to the full again as soon as I’m better-and appreciate every minute of it whilst implementing my own advice for self-care in there too. I’m also going to push myself to do some scary things on my to-do list too so watch this space!

So there you, lessons from my bed. Here’s to eating solids again soon!

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The 5 Things I've Learnt Since Having Tonsillitis

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