I know, it’s rock ‘n’ roll right here on the blog but seriously since becoming a Mum, I marvel daily at the ways the simple wet wipe has made my world a cleaner place. Enjoy.

1. Run out of make up remover or simply can’t be bothered after a night out (more like a night up with the baby) then use the versatile wet wipe to clean and freshen up your face. Not perfect, not ideal but easy and good enough.

2. Chocolate finger prints on the sofa? If you get there quickly you can mop it up in minutes, leaving your sofa stain free.

4. Wipe down surfaces (usually when little people drink and spill, above), windows and your TV with the wipe. It really works.

5. Clean in and out of the fridge using one or two-no need for soapy water and less mess.

6. Toddlers hands full of paint/ice cream/your Calvin Klein eyeshadow? Get a wipe on them. Pronto.

7. A little person puked down themselves and no time to change clothes? You know the drill.

8. Manicure that needs a wipe around the edges? Yep a wipe will do.

9. Having a dinner party and want to mop around the plates to give a professional finish, go on, get the wipes out.

10. Oh and they’re also great for cleaning babies’ bottoms too! How I love the humble wet wipe.

What do you do with yours?

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12 Responses

  1. Jane Willis

    As a crafter I couldn’t manage without them. The Sensitive ones are perfect for cleaning ink off rubberstamps without damaging the stamp. They are also useful for cleaning inky and glittery hands and craft mats, and my 8yo granddaughter has invented a technique of using them to apply ink to a piece of card to get a hazy background. In fact I must test that myself and blog about it!
    Jane Willis recently posted…In the pinkMy Profile

  2. And1makes4

    Today I cleaned all the slides and see saw’s etc in the local park with ONE wipe and lots of wringing out. I thought that was pretty darn good going.

  3. Jo Burrows

    Ha!!! I read this just after giving my boots a quick wipe down with baby wipes. They are also great for cleaning wedding rings and diamonds as they lift the grease straight off (just dry them off with a soft clean cloth after for ultimate sparkle) x

  4. Molly - Mums and Me

    Good work! I don’t know how I’d have survived the past two years without wet wipes! x


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