Tractor photoshop

A Day Out at Diggerland

A day out at Diggerland- not my usual idea of a fun weekend I'll be honest with you...I love getting outside with the kids though, to parks, farms, country walks and weekends away on the coast but not usually driving diggers. How wrong could I be? I probably had more fun than my 3 year old.
Oliver-Honest Mum

Crafting with Kids (But Not As You Know It)

Reading's kinda like crafting isn't it?! Although I have a strong art background and used to exhibit my work (with some oils still hanging in restaurants), I would really love to do more crafting with the todd...

The After Party…

Wait, this is the after party. Me slumping on the sofa, willing the toddler to nap so we can recover from the weekend's celebrations.
cocktail with edible flower

It’s Party Time

...It's party time. Well not until tomorrow but it's imminent. The '2 year old in a teenager's body' is having a party. We've selected the venue (his favourite softplay centre): small, easy to get to, fabulous toys including his favourite 'the oven', always pristine sans the ubiquitous childrens' dribble and I don't actually have to get into the ball pit as visibility from the seating area/magazine stand is peripheral.