Lamb Tagine

Live Peasant: Lamb Tagine with Pomegranates

This delicious, filling dish is ideal to cook up at the start of the week before freezing to be eaten whenever you feel like it or equally makes a perfect weekend dish for
Pepperpot stew

Live Peasant: Pepperpot Beef Stew

Hi guys, I'm excitingly working with Simply Beef and Lamb on their Live Peasant challenge and if you missed my first post in this meaty mini series then please head over to see the hearty, healthy and filling Lamb, Vegetable and Lentil Soup with Cabbage.
lamb and vegetable soup

Live Peasant: Lamb, Vegetable and Lentil Soup with Cabbage

We love making midweek hearty meals here, those which we can cook up in a batch on the weekend or a Monday morning, freeze and then feed the hungry household throughout the week. One tray or one pot meals save time, are economical and make life easier for we busy parents who simply want filling, healthy, delicious food with minimum fuss and mess.

Lamb Kofta

I eat meat once a month on average and love Greek style lamb kofta.

Lamb Kleftiko (Oven Baked Lamb with Herbs)

Lamb Kleftiko is a firm favourite in this house. It literally means ‘stolen’ and the name was derived during the Ottoman Empire when Greek freedom fighters stole lamb, goats or sheep and cooked the meat in clay ovens or underground to eliminate smoke not to betray their positions. The lamb was cooked very slowly until it literally fell off the bone.
Greek chicken dish-Honest Mum

Greek Chicken Tava (Casserole)

This is a favourite of my Mum's and I was truly overwhelmed (as was she) by everyone's lovely comments over on Instagram and my FB page requesting the recipe! Never one to disappoint (hopefully) here is my Mum's tasty, easy to make Greek Chicken Tava-enjoy!
chicken hydra-Honest Mum

Perfect Chicken Hydra (Kotopoullo Tis Idras)

This may not be a strictly traditional Greek recipe but it was given by a local from the island of Hydra, where a lot of writers, intellectuals and artists live and work.
Fillet of beef-Honest Mum

Beef Fillet with a Red Wine Jus

I'm recently back and just about recovered from, an incredible time at the Cannes Film Festival. If you missed my post all about the films, fashion and general fabulosity (that's a word, right?) of the fest, you can read it HERE. Truly exquisite food and films were consumed during my time there along with the most glamorous parties I've been to and this was my third and so far most favourite time at the festival.
Greek chicken casserole

Greek Chicken Casserole (Kotopoulo Yiahni)

George Psarias (Papa G) is back again for Tasty Tuesdays with this delicious Greek chicken dish. George often appears on national and Greek TV cooking traditional and modern Greek dishes. He owns three multi- award winning The Olive Tree Restaurants in Leeds. George regularly writes for magazines and newspapers.
pork afelia

Pork with Wine and Coriander (Afelia)

Perfect for the winter and ideal for those eating a low carb, paleo diet, Papa G's traditional Cypriot dish of pork with wine and coriander is both tasty and filling.