A Magical Day at Stockeld Park

It's been practically tropical in Yorkshire over the last few days with highs of 25, so with the sun beaming above us, we made our way to Stockled Park for a magical little Saturday.

Rastamouse’s Music Video: Hot, Hot, Hot!

I defy you to watch this and not shake your booty. We discovered 'Hot Hot Hot' on the CBeebies: The Album compilation CD and it's on constant repeat in the car...even when I'm driving solo. I have to admit it, Rastamouse is one cool dude and this is a massive TUUUUUNNNNNE! Why the little furry dude was overlooked at this year's Brits, I'll never know. Now, "get up and move your feet". Enjoy!
Kim and Kourtney

Addicted to E (Kim & Kourtney Take Over my Brain)…

Please don't judge me... As much as I love experimental European films and conceptual art (I do), I need to wind down watching mind numbing escapist crap sometimes. What? No judgement remember.