Playing Mummies and Daddies

Playing Mummies and Daddies

So last night I mentioned on social media that I often feel I'm just playing Mummies and Daddies, that I look at my cute kids then question whose they are-you see deep down I still feel 16. OK make that 18. Thankfully from the response I got online, it seems I'm not alone...
I'm sorry text

When Texting’s Not Good Enough

I, like many of you probably read and sadly nodded in recognition at Angela Epstein's piece in the Daily Mail who found that many of her friends merely texted, rather than rang, sent a card or even visited her, when her mother died. A condolence text, really? Shocking.
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Baby Nerves…

I sit and wonder what he'll look like and who he'll be.
Oliver-Honest Mum

Exciting News (You Might Already Know)

Woop Woop! Today I had a three month scan as there is most definitely a little bun in the oven: a sibling for my 2 year old. We are all very excited. On hearing the news, said 2 year old (and 2 months) stated, "Where is it? Want to see it? Cut it out".