healthy cookies

Gluten-Free Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies

I've blogged a variation of these cookies before-Oat Coconut Cookies but I've adapted my recipe this time as I love experimenting and I've added vanilla pods, maple syrup and dark chocolate chips this time!
Posh Finger Sandwich

A Gluten-Free Posh Fish Finger Sandwich

I'm a huge fan of fish finger sandwiches. They were one of my favourite childhood treats but as I got older I became more and more intolerant to gluten which meant I couldn't indulge as much as I liked.

Keeping My Kids Healthy

For those following my blog, you'll know this summer has been all about indulgence for this family, with myself and the kids eating a lot more sugar than normal.
Results of Blood Type Diet

The Blood Type Diet: An Update

It's been nearly 8 weeks since I started the Blood Type Diet and so far, so good. I'm an O+ blood type and haven't missed my apparent biggest offender, wheat, a dot.