Brilliant Blog Posts Linky 6th October 2016

Yay, it's that time of the week again, my favourite time-where I open up my blog to all your brilliant bloggers, sharing my space with#BrilliantBlogPosts.
olives and feta cheese

Food Items You Wouldn’t Expect to Find at Iceland

Iceland is absolutely bursting with tasty, healthy and easy-to-make dishes and ingredients from frozen to chilled and fresh too, along with everything you could possible want in your weekly shop from toiletries to household goods, hair products and more.
Oliver at the park

Fun and Fabulous Things to Do in February Half Term

It seems that as soon as kids start school or preschool in my case, another holiday crops up and I'm responsible for the entertainment. I'm not sure we can have another week sponsored by Cbeebies after doing nothing but watch the box and nurse colds over Christmas, so in spite of the weather I'm hoping to get the boys out and about!