London Fashion Week

Vlog 25: Lost London Fashion Week Footage

September saw me attend my first London Fashion Week and it was utterly fabulous darlings! I'd been kindly invited several times before but hadn't made it for one reason or an another (I even directed a fashion film screened there one year) but this time I was determined to go, view and be inspired!

How Time Flies

I know all parents say it, but time really does fly when you have kids. I was sure I only came out of hospital with Alexander the other day but look, he's 7 months already this Saturday.
Oliver's cake

Party Time Thomas Style!

Oliver had a fabulous 3rd birthday party with a few friends yesterday (27 being a few *cough). Held at a well known private leisure centre it was Thomas the Tank Engine themed (O's obsessed with that excitable little train and declared on seeing his cake, "I'd like to eat the funnel and boiler first Mama"). I might have had to ask him to show me which part was the boiler. What?