Vicki-Honest Mum

A Film For Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition

It's a real honour to appear in a film for Kensington Mums' online Motherhood Exhibition, a place to celebrate and share honestly what motherhood means to many is key support for us all. It means we don't feel isolated and we can find voices we can relate to in this crazy world of parenting.
story of mum

A Mum, An Artist and Story of Mum

Today I'm curating the Story of Mum online tour. The concept is that as a curator, I select an image from one of the stills from the Story of Mum Gallery that speaks to me and I contribute something myself.

An Exhibition Celebrating Motherhood

Dina Maktabi, a local mum of 2 is a Kensington mum who set up Kensington Mums in 2011. Since its launch, Kensington Mums has proved to be a vital support network for the community where Mums can connect, share parenting tips and capture all those invaluable word of mouth recommendations. Not even one year after its launch, Kensington Mums made it into the Top 100 winner of the 2012 Business Mum Award.