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Summer Nursing Clothes

Guest Post by Michelle from The Joy Chaser.

This time last year I was hosting the BritMums Get Fit Facebook group and busting a gut every day doing army-style workouts to get in shape. Fast forward twelve months and…well…yeah,  not so much.

While our seven-month old Little Man is loving his solids and tucking into three mushy meals a day now, I’ve only just recently stopped breastfeeding him and for me that means the baby weight is still conspicuous by it’s presence; particularly in the tummy region.

To be fair if I suck it all in and hold my breath it doesn’t look too bad. I even managed to squash myself into a pair of pre-preggy jeans last weekend. But I can’t hold that position 24/7 and when it goes it’s like some grotesque magic trick – now you don’t see it, whhhhoa now you DO. (Cue the ‘pregnant again already?’ raised eyebrows.)

Here are some of the clothes I planned for a recent holiday away to cover up and flatter my rotundity while still enabling me to wop my boobs out for the baby with relative ease (little did I know that wouldn’t be happening, but that’s another story). I’ve discovered that for the 40-something second-time-around-Mummy there’s not a lot of choice of the not-a-tent variety but there are a few stylish options for nursing mums.


maxi dress

Maxi dresses are fab. You can dress them up or down and this one scrunches up into the tinniest space in your suitcase. I love the paisley design and the wide straps. Easy to breastfeed in without looking too mumsy. I might even wear it to BritMums Live this Saturday *excited face*.

GAP maxi skirt


maxi skirt

I bought a similar one of these last year and I wear it all the time. This one is part of their maternity collection but it’s just a fold down band so no one will know the difference. It’s comfy on hot days and hits the nautical theme bang on. While we were in Spain I paired it with silver Birkenstocks, a white or navy t-shirt and my trusty Fat Face denim jacket.

Mothercare Nursing vest


maternity vest

I often wear a long nursing vest under a normal top – it covered up my tummy when Little Man was feeding and I like the layered effect it gives. These ones from Mothercare are great value and wear well and also I’m coveting one from Glamour Mum which is a bit too pricey at £37 but looks fab and comes in a good colour range.

GAP twill mini skirt


Gap skirt

Ok this is a wish list item but I had to include it because the colour is amazing – not sure my legs are ready for it yet though!

John Lewis zip up terry towelling robe


towelling robe dress

Swimwear is a BIG problem. I’m a bit too small for my maternity two-piece but way too lumpy and bumpy for my old swimsuit. Don’t even mention ‘bikini’ to me *breaks into a sweat*. Luckily I made sure I covered up in this towelling robe I found at John Lewis for £35. Not that glamorous perhaps but it was perfect for the beach and by the pool and the drawstring means I could adjust the waist to fit.

Summer shoes


My two holiday shoes of choice were these silver Birkenstocks (£39.99) and my trusty Converse sneakers (£25).


I discovered Birkenstocks when I was pregnant and I LOVE them. Uber comfortable and just the right side of nerdy I feel. I’ll pair these with most outfits as silver is a safe colour to match with practically everything. The Converse All Stars are my go-to shoes for everything from the school run to holidays in Europe where the weather isn’t always going to be sun, sun, sun. Uber comfy and and great for dressing down a maxi skirt or dress.

So that’s my capsule summer collection. Not a whole wardrobe by any means but it’s a start. Do you have any suggestions for post-baby holiday clothes to flatter a Mummy tummy?


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