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Isn’t summer time simply the best (when they kids aren’t making us feel like we’re going slowly insane that is)- so far we’ve had some gorgeous Vitamin D fuelled days in the garden and out and about in glorious Yorkshire to make us happy. Yay for summer days.

Why not get yourself a lovely glass or jug (ha) of Pimms and enjoy some of my favourite photos taken so far this summer-carefree, fun days pf the kids enjoying the rays:

lolly-Honest Mum

A little treat in the form of a BIG lollipop from the market in York (he didn’t finish it all-I might have done though)!

…Oh no-double trouble!

lollipops-Honest Mum

Anyone for football?

football-Honest Mum

goal-Honest Mum

Love Alexander’s expression here. Humf!

football-Honest Mum

Preparing for a little scooter ride:

scooter-Honest Mum

After a few adjustments of course…

fixing scooter-Honest Mum

Someone else has a different kind of wheels-beep beep…

ride-Honest Mum

Break for lunch!

food-Honest Mum


watermelon-Honest MumAnd I simply love these dreamy close up’s-

Alexander-Honest Mum

cute-Honest Mum

Oliver-Honest Mum

Alexander-Honest Mum

happiness-Honest Mum
cute-Honest Mumsweet-Honest MumOne more…

cute-Honest Mum
Have you all been enjoying the sunshine too?

If you liked this post, you might fancy seeing more photos of family life (along with food and fashion) over at my Instagram account HERE! Thanks!



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28 Responses

  1. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Vicki finally – pictures of Alexander with food on his face! Your boys are so beautiful. And I’m raising a glass of Pimms to some lovely vitamin D courtesy of the sunny rays… x

  2. Hurrah For Gin

    Cute overload!!! You take beautiful photos, i guess the beatiful kids help 😉
    Particularly love Alexanders grump face and the lolly shots 🙂 x

  3. Lisa

    Fabulous photos Vicky. So lovely to enjoy every moment with your little ones – they will soon be teens and spending long summer days with their friends (like mine!). Still I do manage to grab a few special moments with them in the sunshine. Enjoy the rest of summer. I’m loving it!! Xx

    • honestmum

      Oh wow I can’t imagine them as teenagers just yet but yes bet it will be here in a flash! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  4. WallyMummy

    These photos are just stunning 😉 I LOVE summer with kids – whole new meaning I say 😉 mine comes alive without the restraint of big heavy clothes and being stuck indoors. So much fun to be had juts from being naked in the garden over this way! (the toddler… not me… lol) xxx

    • Honest Mum

      Oh my gosh, hilarious, sure that’s not you! I love a big of summery nakedness (behind high garden hedges of course-(not those kind)! Ha you are right, kids, sunshine and fresh air=happiness x

    • honestmum

      Aw thanks sweetie, haha about the hair envy, they both do have fab hair huh-American hairstyles too we call them x

  5. brummymummyof2

    Ahn gorge photos hun! I am loving the summer. I was so scared that it would be stressful and really hard but actually it’s not been too bad and I am already sad think about the new term starting! xxx

    • honestmum

      Thanks sweetie, that’s so good to hear, had manic moments here but also gorgeous days like the ones caught here xx

  6. Ebabee

    Stunning photos of two stunning boys! Especially loving the photo of Oliver with the giant lolly and the stripy jumper. We too are LOVING the Summer especially with this glorious weather. x

    • honestmum

      Thanks so much Nomita, those giant lollies sure make pretty pics! This weather is such a happy-maker isn’t it xx

  7. Mummy Says

    Gorgeous photos lovely. Your boys are so beautiful. I’m glad you are having some summer fun together, I know you’ve had it a bit hard recently. The weather has been lovely this holidays and it really is good to get out and about and get that Vitamin D fix isn’t it? Those lollies, by the way, look fantastic! Lovely to see your gorgeous photos – inspiring as always x

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, yes not been the best of times but enjoying the sun when we can and it really makes all the difference. Thanks for your lovely comment, mwah x


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