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Style Notes is a new interview series on the blog where stylish women can share their personal style.

To launch the strand is my great friend, Nomita Vaish-Taylor, a kids style and lifestyle blogger at the staggeringly beautiful Ebabee Likes who has also recently launched her own chic kids clothing e-shop, Ebabee.

The clothes on offer are solely from Korea and many are exclusive to her shop.

Originally from Mumbai, Nomita gave up the glamorous world of advertising in favour of sleepless nights and a new direction when her daughter Anya was born. That was 6 years ago. Now she has found a new career that she manages around her family life.


How would you describe your style?

My style is very minimal and pared back. My style philosophy is very much ‘less is more’.


Where do you find style inspiration?

All over the place, for example walking down the street, browsing online, in the shops, magazines…

We are surrounded by visuals and I get inspiration things, such as a glimpse of something that I might spot or a texture that I touch or a colour combo that I spot in nature or a conversation with a friend… there really is inspiration everywhere.


Which classic pieces can’t you live without?

A well fitted white shirt, a chunky black jumper and skinny jeans. (I think I may have described my uniform!)


Who are your favourite designers and why?

Soon after starting my blog (which focuses on non-mainstream kids style) I began discovering lot of non-mainstream, independent designers for adult clothes and accessories too. I tend to stay away from all the mainstream designer stuff these days and prefer to shop pieces from lesser know indie designers. For me their stuff is so much more unique and unusual.

It’s hard to think of any specific designers because I tend to buy one piece from here, there and everywhere. I never stick to one designer and instead pick pieces from a huge range as and when I come across them.

One that comes to mind however is Falconwright as I bought a clutch bag from them a little while ago.

Another is Gillian Tennant – I spotted one of her LBDs on Pinterest recently and have been lusting after ever since.


Which high street stores are getting it right in your opinion?

COS. My favourite high-street store by far, in fact some may even say I’m obsessed! Clean lines, lots of monochromes and minimal silhouettes is what they’re all about and that is timeless fashion and so me.

Reiss is another store I am sometimes partial to – especially when I want a bit of colour.

And last but not least is Zara – everybody loves Zara right? There’s always something there that I like. And since they’re all about fast fashion, their collections change many times each season, which means you always have new choice.


Do you have a favourite style blogger or two?

Apart from your blog where I always come for a hit of colour J – I don’t follow any other purely fashion/clothes blogs as I quite like a mix of style inspiration. One that springs to mind is Ollie & Sebs Haus – which is a mix of fashion, interiors, kids and beauty, its all very minimal and therefore totally appeals to me. Another one I really enjoy browsing is Love Aesthetics – great inspiration.


What are your style predictions for the coming year?

Honestly, I don’t have any. I am never led by fashion or what’s in – instead I’m led by what I like and what works for me. But I do hope skinny jeans don’t go anywhere – I love them!


What advice would you have for a budding style blogger/ e shop founder?

For somebody thinking of starting an e-shop I would say you should be truly passionate about your product. Really believe in it, but at the same time make sure that you’re not the only one who does!


Where do you find inspiration for your e-shop?

In a word – Korea. I discovered the amazing world of Korean kids fashion a couple of years ago and I instantly knew it was unique. I wanted to bring these beautiful clothes to the UK and so I launched my e-shop last year. For anyone not yet familiar with Korean kids brands, I think they’re best described as being similar to Scandinavian clothes, but with just the right amount of quirk thrown in. And most importantly they are comfy, practical and appeal to parents just as much as they do to kids.


Who are your favourite designers and kids’ clothes stores?

Oh my – there are so many! But I’ll limit myself to the first three that come to mind otherwise I would go on forever.

Apart from the Korean designers who I absolutely adore, I have seen some amazing kids fashion coming out of Poland. One of my favourite Polish designers is Kasia of Kids on the Moon.

For baby clothes, I’ve fallen in love with a very recently launched range that is absolutely stunning – delicate and beautiful with a vintage touch. The range is the creation of Kelli Murray and is called Rylee & Cru, after her kids.

In terms of British designers the first that comes to mind is Beau Loves. Her clothes are dramatic & whimsical clothes that you can wear everyday.

This list is in no way exhaustive of the kids clothing designers I admire – there are just way too many to list here.

For her latest children’s fashion lines please visit her online store and her blog. You can also follow her on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

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