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Stop Feeling Guilty About Taking It Slow In The Summer Holidays

supermarket sweep

Yesterday, I shared the picture above of my kids and I at the supermarket (yes, we were posing in the aisles-ha) on Instagram in a bid to ease any summer holiday guilt you might be feeling. It was the only trip we made out yesterday and honestly, I felt NO shame or remorse about it.

Why would I?

Not every day of the holidays needs to be brimming with activity. You’re not Mr flipping Tumble and nor am I so stop feeling like you need to entertain your kids 24/7.

Boredom is good for their developing brains. It enables them to discover what they actually like doing and lets their imaginations run free.

I was featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain recently discussing the summer holidays and fought back on the issue of parental pressures. There’s enough of those already!

I personally love the summer holidays and a more chilled way of life. My kids are 8 and 6 now and like sleeping-in so our days usually start around 10 am and can involve anything from free days out at the library and picnics in the park, to visits into London, or weekends away OR like yesterday, nothing much at all.

A slow day.

We all need them. We all need a lot of them.

As we paid for the produce of last night’s dinner which included a big bag of grapes, the kids declared how fun it had been to choose what they were going to eat that night. To feel in control for once.

They’d both relished our walk to Waitrose meandering through the back streets and pastel doors of Windsor, inventing stories as they went, and later scoffing the grapes on the journey home.

I even found I’d clocked 10k steps on my FitBit thanks to the trip, but most of all, I’d reconnected with my family in that short time, after making deadlines in the day and sorting boxes of toys for our move.

It just took a trip to the supermarket.

That’s what life’s about after all. The every day mundane moments which ARE in fact, THE TIMES OF OUR LIVES.

I love this image below which testifies as much.

carpet picnic image

Strolls around the shops, picnic carpets, a movie on while you hit publish. It all counts.

So please stop the guilt and start living, yeah?

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The summer holidays are what you make of them!

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