Paddington Premiere-Honest Mum

The Star-Studded World Premiere of Paddington

Paddington Premiere-Honest MumSunday was a rather special day for this family as along with my husband Peter, our child Oliver, 4 and my great friend Sharmin who was visiting from Amsterdam, I attended the world premiere of Paddington.

Invited by Amazon Prime Instant Video (thanks chaps) who’ll be releasing the film in 6 months when the theatrical release ends (it’s out in cinemas nationwide on Friday), I also gave away 4 more tickets to lucky readers through my blog competition!

Argh, the ‘golden’ tickets!

Paddington world premiere tickets-Honest Mum

Now I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few premieres in my time as a filmmaker including Bond and Woody Allens films to name but a few, as well as attending the Baftas and many major film festivals my work has screened at, but I must say, nothing comes close to the excitement and joy of taking your 4, nearly 5 year old to walk the red carpet and enjoy a film together…And it helped that the movie was one of the best kids’ films we’ve ever seen too!

York train station-Honest Mum

But back to the beginning, travelling from York (near where we live) to London’s Kings Cross in the morning (luckily only taking 2 hours) my own little bear was excited just to be getting on a train again!

With an iPad and various colouring in books in hand, he was entertained throughout the journey and rather thrilled to be watching Paddington soon,  after loving the trailer!

Sharmin and I enjoyed the ride too!

train time-Honest Mum

Arriving in London to rain (appropriate for Paddington) we dashed to the Odeon Leicester Square in a black cab and we’re instantly hit by the hustle and bustle of the premiere: hordes of paparazzi and queues of fans and guests lined the area, it such a whirlwind of excitement.  A real frenzy over a much anticipated movie for kids and adults alike!

(We snapped the poster pics after the film when the sun had set)…

Odeon Leicester Square-Honest Mum

The red carpet opened at 1.30 and security allowed us to take a few pictures as we made our way in.

Paddington Station-Premiere

Film Premiere style-Honest Mum

Huge thanks to Fever London who gifted me this gorgeous Genoa green dress for the event and I’m carrying the gorgeous California bag (full of extra clothes for Oliver and snacks) by Nova Harley whom I model for! Statement metallic boots are c/o Esska.

Once inside the stunning cinema, we took our oh-so cool leopard print seats, adorned with delightful Paddington gift bags full of marmalade sandwiches, toys and drinks! Such a lovely touch.

Paddington Premiere-Honest Mum

Oliver enjoyed tucking into his marmalade sandwiches too, a first for him…

Oliver eating marmalade sandwiches-Honest MumOh and we had a little obligatory pose inside too!

Honest MumSomeone likes their toy!

Mother and child-Honest Mum…We were actually seated close to the stage so when the actors entered before the film started we were but a foot away.

The breathtaking beauty that is Nicole Kidman attended as did other favourite actors including Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent and many more, meaning Peter could snap away easily when they were introduced.

Incredibly the great creator of Paddington, Michael Bond was present and he also cameos in the film!

And here are the stars…

Nicole who plays searing baddie Millicent!

Nicole Kidman-Honest Mum

Nicole Kidman blowing a kiss-Honest Mum

The eminent creator of Paddington, Michael Bond.

Michael Bond with Nicole Kidman-Honest Mum

The brilliant Sally Hawkins as Mrs Brown…

Sally Hawkins-Honest Mum

Hugh Bonneville as Mr Brown (who gave an epic performance as the character who underwent the greatest change)…

Hugh Bonneville-Honest MumIconic Julie Walters as Mrs Bird in a duffel coat for the occasion!

Julie Walters-Honest MumStar Jim Broadbent was Mr Gruber

Jim Broadbent-Honest Mum

Fabulous young actors Samuel Joslin (Jonathan Brown) and Madeleine Harris (Judy Brown).

child actors-Paddington-Honest MumAnd the man who bound it altogether, director Paul King

Paul King-Honest Mum

…There’s something a little bit magical about being close to superstars, they give off such a magnetic aura and our proximity meant Peter’s photos are just marvellous!

I don’t want to give too much away about the film but we aptly ROARED with laughter throughout and I cried several times too as the movie entertained and moved us all.

Watching Oliver laugh his contagious laughter was such a pleasure, he was captivated from start to end. In fact the second it ended he said, ‘I think we have to buy the DVD’!

A sharply written, engaging screenplay, hilariously funny too, with outstanding, memorable performances by such a stellar ensemble cast, all the while subtly touching on universal themes of ‘belonging’ ,  ‘immigration’  and ‘identity’, you cannot fail to fall in LOVE with this film.

We were still laughing on the way home and here are two of my boys posing for a smile, the crazy twosome.

train-Honest Mum

Oliver slept on the way back so was in bed as soon as we returned but his younger brother, Alexander had had a late nap so was full of beans when we got home… I couldn’t wait to kiss and cuddle him!

It was only a day away but I’d missed him madly!

Alexander loved the mini Paddington bears we brought back with us and couldn’t stop kissing them, which was utterly adorable!

He was just a little too young at 2 to have attended. I think 4+ is ideal for this film actually.

Odeon Paddington

Wow, reflecting back on the day, it really was magical!

Whatever you do, go and see this film!


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