River Island jacket

Sporty Style with Nike & River Island


Give me sportswear every day of the week and I’m happy. Fair do’s I love dressing up but when it comes to running around Windsor, school-runs and delivering deadlines, give me sports leggings, long sleeved tees, trainers and a bomber jacket and I’m happy.

This red padded jacket is not my usual style but after getting drenched in my Barbour, I ran into River Island (hair literally sopping wet) and grabbed the first coat I saw. This is roomy with a faux fur collars (it’s a medium which is a UK 10) and the warmest coat I’ve ever owned. So much so, I was like, ‘Babe where’ve you been all winter’ to the actual jacket when I bought it.

padded bomber jacket

Next up saw a trip to Westfield with my husband for a child-free day of pretending we were 20 again, where I splashed out at the Nike store before we ate our body weight in Chinese food in the Food Hall. I even got to nap in the car on the way home. Talk about a perfect Saturday.

The staff at Nike are second-to-none by the way and I left feeling kick-ass in my new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoes that do what they say on the tin but also look super cool with skinnies too. They’re aptly named as you literally feel like you’re walking on air in these bad boys (check them out above and below).

I must have tried every single trainer in the store from pastel shade heavier shoes to these light and nimble heroes I bought here. We walk everywhere in Windsor so I need a trainer that will make life easy and clocking those steps on my FitBit a joy. These tick those boxes, no probs!

River Island jacket

I’ve not yet run in them as I usually wear my rainbow coloured Asics the husband hates (as did the assistant at Nike too btw #cringe) but I’m going to get my jog-on with these Nike ones which are no doubt as awesome as when power-walking in them.

The leggings are admittedly out-there but I love that marble effect and my legs are my most toned body part so why not rock the vivid prints, hey (anything that detracts from the mumtum wins in my book)!

The top is a pale pink Nike Tailwind Long-Sleeved Running Top I simply love.

Both the top and leggings are a S which is a UK 8-10 if you’re looking for size comparison.

The long vest underneath is from H&M.

Anyway, I’m totally sold on all of the above and I’ve just made another order to Nike because frankly, this comfy gear is all I want to wear every single day.

Fear not, I’ll still rock dresses when I’m in London or on shoots and parties but from hereon in, whilst in Windsor, I’m all about the sportswear  (and keeping warm in padded coats)!

I went totally cray with a leopard print sweater over the leggings too.

clashing prints

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