Spice Girls

Was it just me who shed a little tear when the Spice Girls got on stage last night?

Admittedly I fell I asleep at 9pm so watched it this morning but still-I was 16-1-6 when I first heard ‘Wannabee’ on the radio-I remember it distinctly-chaperone Papa G was driving me back from Sixth Form College and I couldn’t believe how cool the track was, it was truly empowering-these girls were singing directly to the opposite sex of what it would take to be their lover-it was like discovering boys for the first time (but wait that happened before 16, I was dating twins in primary school).

It was more than that though, it was advising me how to deal with boys, to take control.  Suddenly Spicemania was taking hold everywhere and girls all over the land had strong, beautiful, kiss-ass role models to emulate. I, personally was particularly obsessed with Posh Spice.

I remember then she was deemed the prettiest, had bagged DB and still had the chicest style of all the girls. I started straightening my hair more and hitting clubs (come on, we all did at 16) in boob tube dresses (remember those), thick eyeliner and glossy lips.

Most importantly their tracks defined my teenage formulative years: boyfriends, first love,  GSCE’s, A’ Levels, starting a new life in London at university and even my first job working at a film company. They were there through the best booty shakes with friends and the worst break up’s with boys. They made me appreciate my Mother more with their track ‘Mama’ and taught me how not to make a movie with Spice World. They were every girl’s group of best friends. Forever. Until Geri left…

Watching the girls perform at the Olympic ceremony was joyful-they’ve barely changed lookswise, they’ve still got the moves, the talent to put on a spectacular performance and the fan base who appreciate them.

They’re the most successful girl band of all time and they reminded us all of that last night. Yes they’ve each found respective success (to varying degrees) in other professions, the most notable Victoria Beckham with her exquisite designer line, but I love them more than ever, together, doing what they do best, simply spicing up our lives. How about you?

Photograph ©Daily Mail Online.

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12 Responses

  1. Nikki Thomas

    I think I am older than you as I wasn’t as influenced by them hugely, I did take my then teenage sister to the cinema to see the film that they did which was ok. They are definitely the most successful girl group that is for sure but for me the funniest part of the performance was watching them nearly go flying on the top of those taxis! It was a good performance though !

  2. SAHMlovingit

    I have to say I’ve never been a huge fan of the Spice Girls (never liked or disliked them, just thought they were ok) but they put on a great show at the closing ceremony. I wasn’t impressed with Scary or Posh though but Sporty and Ginger sounded amazing!

    As for Take That – they were just awesome. For Gary to do that after what’s happened to him and his wife. I cried buckets x

  3. sharcasm

    I cannot believe I missed it- must watch it. Everyone is talking about the Spice Girls and their performance last night. I too have very fond memories of Wannabe when it first came out. I was 18 and just thought they were the coolest girls’ ensemble ever. Everyone in school was just devouring it. Also, what really appealed to me was their ‘girls next door’ image as none of them looked like supermodels or were too skinny, well okay, except maybe Posh 😉 I think, Geri was my favourite because I liked her mismatched, kooky style and her outspokenness, she really seemed to emphasise that women could do whatever they wanted and even though their songs were bubblegum pop, they spoke to girls around the world a lot more than feminists with their ‘burn your bra’ lark. I actually would like to see the musical too lol. x

  4. I Am Into This

    I LOVED it! It took me right back to standing in the playground when I was little, doing all the dance routines with my friends. I was desperate to always be Emma, but I was told I had to be Geri!

    It’s made me really eager to go and see the musical!!

  5. Bod for tea

    I didn’t manage to stay up that late either but we taped it and I’m going to watch it another night – glad to hear the Spice Gals didn’t let us down! (BTW your video isn’t working, says it’s been blocked 🙁 )

  6. Mari

    You know I was worried as I waited that they couldn’t pull it off as after all they hardly ever see each other anymore let alone sing together BUT they did a brilliant performance, is it me or did Scary come in too quickly?
    I loved the Spice Girls too and my fave was VB I was disappointed we didn’t see enough of her in my eyes on the video last night x


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