mood boosters

Some Mood-Boosting Happy-Makers

mood boosters

It’s tough out there guys and it’s tough indoors too at home, especially for our kids who are currently adjusting to a whole new way of life, just as we are, be it home school or more limited time outdoors, and of course, not seeing their pals as per.

It’s a highly emotive time but there are many, MNAY things you can do to help yourself, and your children.

As my wise therapist advised me today (via FaceTime of course), we must simply take each day as it comes, preparing as best we can but not worring too far off in the future.

I’ve organised our whole apartment from every drawer and cupboard, to colour coding my kids’ wardrobes and sharpening every pencil. I’m nuts for sure but taking control over what I CAN actually control has felt mindful and calming for me. You do you!

We can also actively choose to feel gratitude and practise it daily to help rewire our brains towards positivity, unlearning the negativity and healing. I feel deep gratitide for the uninterrupted quality time I now have with my kids and more time to prioritise self-care.

It’s important we all try as best we can to create an emotionally safe place for our family, reassuring our kids that we will overcome this period, that it won’t last forever and that normal life will resume again. My goal is to raise calm, caring and resilient kids and it’s adversity like this which provides an opportunity in which to build upon those important life skills.

I want to stress that I thinking of everyone out there affected by this pandemic and would like to thank all those on the frontline risking their lives, saving and supporting those suffering. Thank you. I hope that all the keyworker heroes receive massive pay rises asap and that people learn valuable lessons from this time away from ordinary life, changing for the better.

I already feel my perspective has shifted and I for one, will never take our liberties for granted again. Walking in the sunshine today for our once a day period of exercise, felt almost magical. To feel the sun on our faces and see the blossom trees dance in the breeze was extrodinary: movie-like. I realised today, I don’t look up enough. I don’t give thanks enough. That I rush too much.

I equally feel that I’ve wasted precious time in the past on things that don’t matter,  not really. I’ve been far too self-critical at times, and most of all, I’ve spent too much non-productive time on social media. The latter realisation hit over the last week as I’ve limited my time online due to home schooling responsibilities and also in my bid to limit the barrage of news on platforms like Twitter which amplify panic. I’ve informed myself on news sites like the BBC but I’ve tried not to obsess and linger.

It’s bitter sweet that it’s taken this awful time to shake me up (I know it has others too); that this period of unease and pause from normality has so sharply highlighted what I’d like more of: more quality time with my kids, more downtime for myself and more fun.

I think many of us will be reevaluating our lives as time goes on, as we pause, reflect and no doubt, change.

I also know from experience that this juncture will reveal our true inner strength and agility.

I endured a traumatic throat operation 22 months ago which took a long time to recover from. I’ve only felt 100% well in all honesty in the past month.

At my worst, there were a great many times I felt I couldn’t breathe or swallow properly, or even speak due to such acute pain and swelling. It was a scary, long period of time that was acutely frightening: years of sleep deprivation and pain. I feel so overwhelming grateful to have overcome that time. It did however, teach me so much.

I discovered a steely strength within I didn’t know exited. It provided context for all that has come since. It has allowed me to work on boundaries and discover who has my back when the going gets tough. It also, vitally, equipped me with the tools to self-soothe, however bad the going gets.

I was on enforced rest and had no choice but to relax whilst recovering (as stress would make my throat feel more swollen). Alongside medication and daily 20 minute deep breathing sessions I still do today (in for 4, out for 7) and more yoga practice, my outlook transformed, day by day, bit by bit, helping both my physical and emotional recovery. Therapy, something I still have too, continues to improve every aspect of my life from health anxiety to boundaries, self-worth and confidence.

I empathise with those suffering right now in my own way because of that time.

Your kids, as mine were, are stronger than you think. You can lean on them with their fresh approach and simple but empowering way of seeing the world.

I also know the power of funny films and distraction techniques, for you and for them.

Below I’ve shared some mood-boosting happy-makers to help us all right now from funny movies to mindful books, and games we’re playing I hope will put a smile on your face.

Sending love and good vibes x





  1. Step Brothers
  2. Rat Race
  3. Groundhog Day
  4. Bridesmaids
  5. The 40 Year Old Virgin
  6. Dumb and Dumber
  7. Clueless
  8. Coming to America
  9. Old School
  10. There’s Something About Mary
  11. Shaun of the Dead
  12. The Hangover (1)
  13. Anchorman
  14. Hot Fuzz
  15. Blades of Glory
  16. Wayne’s World
  17. Austin Powers (all of them)
  18. Elf
  19. When Harry Met Sally
  20. Airplane!



(Do check the certification and if you feel they are age-appropriate for your children):

  1. Toy Story
  2. Napoleon Dynamite
  3. Mean Girls
  4. Paddington (1 and 2)
  5. Incredibles (1 and 2)
  6. Moana
  7. Home Alone
  8. Trolls
  9. Finding Nemo
  10. Adventure Boyz
  11. The Lion King
  12. Matilda
  13. Wimpy Kid (my kids like all 4)
  14. Monsters Inc (1 and 2)
  15. Shrek (all)
  16. Zootropolis
  17. Four Kids and It
  18. Mary Poppins (original and remake)
  19. Annie (original and remake)
  20. Inside Out



  1. Working Moms
  2. Love is Blind
  3. Dating Around
  4. Yummy Mummies (series 1 & 2)
  5. Back with my Ex
  6. Next in Fashion
  7. RuPaul Drag Race
  8. Styling Hollywood
  9. Instant Hotel
  10. 100 Humans



Mum bought me Masterclass (Learn from the Best) which has a series of greats teaching you everything from cooking at home to directing, acting, interior design and more. I’m obsessed.

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I’ve blogged about some recent reads when it comes to books HERE.



Dobble is our current fave after a lovely lady introduced us to it on the train back from Cornwall after half term. We’ve got the original and the Harry Potter version.

Others listed below:

  1. Cluedo (Kids and standard)
  2. Connect 4
  3. Snakes and Ladders
  4. Dominoes
  5. Snap
  6. Charades
  7. Monopoly (Junior and standard)
  8. Hungry Hungry Hippos
  9. Twister
  10. Operation

I hope this helps starve off boredom and cheers you guys up.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful friend and business partner Lucy Griffiths who is currently unwell due to COVID 19. Lucy, I’m sending you love and healing vibes and lots of Netflix recommendations! I know you’ll recover soon as we’ll be laughing and plotting together again, in no time.

Stay well everyone x


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