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Singing to My Kids

I always thought my voice was OK (ish) that is pre-husband and procreating children who are frankly not so flattering about my sweet tones.

Granted, I’d never get through the first round of XFactor but I think I sound pretty awesome singing along to Beyonce in the car most days…

Anyway this lack of appreciation hasn’t deterred me from singing to and with my kids (see Alexander laughing at me singing a little rendition of Crazy Stupid Love below)… and as this family never needs an excuse to break out in song (thanks Cheryl for giving us one though) or dance around the living room be it Virgin playlists or Cbeebies theme tunes, just because I might not sing like a songbird doesn’t mean we can’t all have fun!

Alexander-Honest Mum

Alexander smiling-Honest MumAlexander-Honest Mum

Charming eh!

…My computer-savvy 4 1/2 year old Oliver also likes to watch favourite songs put to animation on Youtube so we head there often too.

Oliver and Mummy-Honest Mum

I always monitor him online of course but there is so much choice, any time you want it, on demand (so useful when you have a teething toddler (nearly 2) and a *cough- sweeter voice than yours to help soothe your baby hack to sleep) and we turn to the internet a lot, on the go, at home, on the ipad, laptop or even my phone

My go to place for musical videos is Nursery Rhymes TV on Youtube-and along with the traditional nursery rhymes, there’s also original music, all scored to engaging, vibrant animated films that will make you smile.

Favourites of my kids include Old McDonald, The Wheels on the Bus and Five Speckled Frogs among many others. They really encourage the children to learn and memorise words and can equally stimulate or relax them depending on the time of day (morning or pre bedtime). They do of course help educate them too about the world through music and moving image. Nothing like learning through fun is there!

Check out the Old McDonald video below:

Set up by founder Amanda, Nursery Rhymes TV was inspired when her daughter Eloise was 6 months old. She could see that she simply loved music, and after a little research realised that Nursery Rhymes has a place in early learning for young children- helping to develop language and cognitive skills.

Focusing on producing music with bright animations and upbeat tunes, she hopes NRTV encourages children to sing and play along in music fun.

It’s sure happening with my kids.

For more info check out Nursery Rhymes TV

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