signing with literary agent Robyn Drury


Last week was all rather exciting as I signed with my dream literary agent, the brilliant Robyn Drury at Diane Banks Associates and began writing my first book. Whoop, whoop *booty shake!

Robyn absolutely understood me, and my vision from our first chat and I knew I’d fall for her when we met.

I went live over on Facebook with the news (thanks for all the kind messages btw you gorgeous bunch) and even managed to vlog the day too #multitasker #motherhustler.

I can’t wait to share more about the book and lots of other projects for the screen I have bubbling away. Life’s about to get a little bit exciting!

…I didn’t want this post to be a long one (mostly because I can’t reveal too much) and I want to let the vlog do the talking- but I’ll leave you with this… I started Honest Mum at a time I felt I’d lost my voice, my identity,  I was suffering from a traumatic birth, lonely, confused and lacking confidence. Maternity leave was a blur to me, I didn’t know what the future held for my career (I was a filmmaker) but this blog became a creative and emotional lifeline to me.

Nearly 6 years later, I’ve spent the last 4 doing what I love in a way I’d never thought was feasible. Thank you the internet, I would kiss your face if I could!

Here I am, still connecting, sharing and creating as I always did- although mostly now in front of the camera rather than behind, doing what I love, with wishlists being ticked off by the week. Most of all I’m constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone, making shizz happen and not taking no for an answer.

Don’t EVER stop dreaming big folks, working hard and having faith in yourself, the timing of your life and what can happen when you simply #crackon.

I look forward to sharing more when I can!

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