Sick of Winter Bugs

moodyThe moodiest ‘I’m fed up of feeling ill’ kinda picture I could find. 

Sick of Winter Bugs.

So, I’m not usually one to throw a pity party in real life or online but you know what, I’m about to and it’s going to be a full on get your freak on’ pity RAVE, so I understand if you have another, non-whiney sweet as pie blog to hit right now and will kindly bid you goodbye… But if you can’t look away, here it is: this last month has been one loooong viral/antibacterial hot mess of illness in this house. As you can imagine, it’s all been rather rubbish.

We’re USUALLY pretty healthy for the most part as a toddler/5 year old in the same house as adults go, but alas the winter bugs have gotten to us all, taking their evil hold.

Collectively this is the run-down so far-

Wow, this is depressing-

Me-a 4 week water infection that just would not go. It literally laughed in the face of antibiotics for 4 whole weeks. Tears, pain, nightmares and then fatigue from all the meds I hate to take.

I actually had a horror of a water infection when pregnant with my second child and according to the doctor, once they hit you hard, they’ll be back again for more. Nice.

Kids-Colds, croup for my toddler (awful, steroids twice), no sleep for any of us for what felt like 10 years which in reality was 5 nights. I’m 34 and now look 79.

What’s 8 hours, what’s freakin’ 4?

Another cold for the husband and I-reaction to 4 weeks of antibiotics and no sleep respectively, no doubt.

Oh and PMT (for me, not the husband, that would just be weird) and deadlines, and work and literally one day of good health that saw me in London only to return to us all being ill again, like some evil roundabout of sickness where my one day off was punished with a doubly crap bout of cold.

Oh and today my kid accidentally dropped the heaviest book in the world (War and Peace or the Guinness World Records 1999) on my nose amidst all that shizzle, so I have a swollen nozzle to add to the mix and a big black mark slap bang in the centre. Beautiful.

At least this happened after a home decor shoot I had today. Small silver linings and all that jazz.

Oh and it bloody hurt. I might have cried. Twice.

So happiness all round as you can see.

Frankly, we are utterly, thoroughly sick of these b******* bugs (sorry Mum, I’ve used asterisks, it was the alliteration that made me) .

I just want sunshine and smiley children. I want the never-ending deadlines I’m struggling with due to all of the above, to simply disappear. I want the snivelling, coughing and dribbling to stop. OK no one’s dribbling but I needed a third cold-induced verb and my writer’s brain hurts.

Above all, I’d like my old nose back.

Is that too much to ask?

I’m sick of these bugs. Sick, sick, sick.

If you’re still here, reading this, I’m sorry.

Normal, joyful, positive service will resume again tomorrow.

Providing I’ve had some sleep. And cake. And a new nose.



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