sick of being sick

Sick of Being Sick (Thanks Kids)

sick of being sick

Argh, just a quick moany post (you’re welcome, thanks for reading *blowing kisses emojis to all) because FFS, I’m feeling unwell-AGAIN- thanks to the millions of germ my kids generously pass onto me from school or the other bug cesspit: the public swimming pool and I’ve had a whole month of feeling crap now and I’m ‘Romeo done’ thanks.

I feel sluggish, tired, moody af, and not as productive as my usual prolific self. I’m only writing this blog post because I took a 2 hour nap at 5.30 pm, which even my eldest warned me I’d regret later, having tried and failed to string a coherent sentence together earlier.

The banging headache meant sleep was the only refuge. P.S. good luck to me if I think I’ll be sleeping anytime before 4 am after that late disco nap.

Obvs, I feel for the kids first and foremost when they get ill (there’s nothing worse than your baby being sick but those boys do seem to bounce back a lot quicker than their 38 year old year old mama (wonder why) and I honestly feel like I’ve been ill without pause for too long now, and from the sounds of it on Twitter and IRL (love that term), I’m not alone either. Misery loves company hey so head to my Twitter feed if you fancy more of the same of this!

Now, to follow on from this joyous post theme(!), let me lovingly provide you the medical run-down (if anyone is even still reading this depressing post) on the June and current July ailments in no particular order.

We’ve all experienced the joys of gastroenteritis, along with flu, daily hayfever attacks, a UTI and antibiotics for me (ouch), the kids suffered post-swimming lesson ear infections, oh and a leg sprain for Xander, not forgetting the worst period of my life (just when I thought the pain and mood swings couldn’t be beaten) and a wheat intolerance that was making my throat swell.. I was also diagnosed with mild Hashimotos. Erm, yay!

Bloody hell. And, I honestly thought we were a pretty healthy family, as well!

We’re all tired af as it’s coming to the end of term and energy reserves are low for the lot of us, and the life admin has felt stifling at times, especially as my eldest child moves schools in September.

Our flat flooded too which was as fun as it sounds, the oven broke, and both my kids suffered from various night wakings so sleep deprivation was on-point too! Oh and I was trolled on top of it all.

Told you it’s been relentless.

As with everyone, life can be tumultuous and I know how lucky we are and value this beautiful, sacred life, but it’s important I share the shit times with you all too.

It’s completely normal to feel floored as you fail to catch a break because the kids are taking it in turns to be ill, you’ve averaged 3 hours of sleep a night for months and overwhelm hits.

I definitely need to move into a spa for a week without kids or just a simple walk around the Waitrose solo will suffice which is basically like Champneys right?

And breathe.

Now, it’s all down on (digital) paper, I’m going to try and take my own advice and practise more self-care which means less Netflix at 1 am and more yoga first thing and I’m going to take the pressure off myself to be Supermum. We all do it but shouldn’t.

I can’t wait for the summer holidays to kick in now, as while it’s not always easy to juggle deadlines with kids, the daylight hours are longer and life feels slower without school-runs, after-school activities and the general mental load term time, brings. Summer gives us all more space, down-time, and precious vitamin D which makes everything better. Even the NHS say so.

Fingers crossed this is the last of the bugs now, surely we’ve experienced them all.

Are you feeling a bit shit too?


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