dietary changes for my 6 year old

I’m always honest (obvs) so wanted to write this post to explain some recent dietary changes of late for both myself and Alexander.

I was recently diagnosed with mild Thryroiditis (otherwise known as Hashimoto’s) where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland, making it swell and become damaged.  After extensive research, I discovered that wheat/gluten can exacerbate this condition, a grain I was eating pretty much non-stop with my vegan diet, hence the debilitating symptons I personally experienced.

I’ve suffered with the sensation that my throat is swollen for over a year now post operation (a large nodule compressing my windpipe for 8 YEARS unbeknown to me, was removed last summer). Multiple scans over the year and a camera down my throat again (eek) showed that I’ve healed well thankfully making the enduring pain rather baffling before the Hashimoto’s diagnosis.

Now I know I have thyroiditis and will inevitably suffer with an underactive thyroid (something common on my father’s side of the family) has meant testing dietary changes, to see if my symptons subsided.

I limited wheat and saw immediate changes overnight. The discomfort dissipated and for the first time in so long, my throat feels normal.

So, to cut a long blog post short, I’ve struggled over the last month since the diagnosis to follow a vegan way of eating having practically cut out wheat and gluten (I had a little at an Afternoon Tea yesterday but usually abstain completely).

Nuts and seeds, bar sesame seeds make me itch which means limiting wheat along with those foods, has meant not being left with very much to eat.

I love animals and wouldn’t ever eat them again that’s for certain. I no longer have the cognitive dissonance meat eaters possess that animals are food but I have been incorporating some dairy back into my diet and wanted to be open about it.

I’m not a doctor or dietitian by the way so please seek support for a professional if you have a condition and want to seek nutritional/medical advice nor am I saying dairy helps thyroid issues. I just personally found that removing wheat meant I struggled without dairy.

In other news, Alexander, 6, announced on Sunday that he wants to be vegetarian. He doesn’t eat diary due to an intolerance but loves scrambled eggs. Hes been discussing it for a while but came to the decision that he no longer wants animals to die for his food and so far, he’s stuck to it.

So now there’s two vegetarians in the family. It hasn’t been an easy or rush decision for me and I’ll still be eating a majority plant-based diet as veggies are the answer both nutritionally, and when it comes to the preservation of the planet, but I wanted to be honest about consuming more dairy into my diet.

I’ll still of course keep sharing vegan recipes here along with the diverse mix I always have.

Thanks for reading and understanding x


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6 Responses

  1. Angela

    Sorry to here about the diagnosis but glad you know what is going on and you can do your best to manage the condition. Good luck with the new diet and incorporating diary back into the diet! 🙂

  2. Alex

    I honestly do not believe there is a one size fits all diet for everyone; I’m glad you’re finding the balance that works for you and for Xander!
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