If you could have any super power what would it be?

Whilst flying and invisibility would be pretty cool (obviously I would use this power for good and not sneaking into George Clooney’s dressing room *cough…), I would have to choose the ability to extend time because having 24 hours in a day simply isn’t enough to get everything done. Can you relate?

Research shows that mothers get just 17 minutes of ‘me time’ to themselves each day. This means that the other 98.9% of the day is spent working, looking after kids, cooking, cleaning and (if you’re lucky…) sleeping.

And boy can I relate! I used to think I was busy in my pre-kids life when I was director, living in London and spending on average 12 hours on set. In hindsight that was pretty easy! Throw two young boys and a full-time blogging career into the mix and let’s just say I can give Maggie Thatcher a run for her money on surviving on only 4 hours a sleep a night!

Unless you’re Beyonce or VB with an entourage of nannies at your beck and call, becoming a parent will always mean devoting pretty much all of your time to the care, protection and wellbeing of others.

At the end of last year however I started to notice that my ‘all work and no play’ lifestyle was having a negative effect on my health. I’m a huge believer that happy parents means happy children, so I knew something had to change.

This year has seen me make more of a conscious effort to enjoy more ‘me time’; whether its practising some early morning yoga or curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine to watch TOWIE, KUWK, First Dates or any of my other guilty pleasures, I’m on it!

And until I’m gifted the super-power of extending time (or Beyonce’s millions so I can afford a whole team around me-one day eh), the only way I can enjoy more time for just myself is by becoming more productive and efficient when it comes to work, household chores and childcare.

Now fear not, this doesn’t mean running your life with military precision (as a creative that would simply never happen), instead I just adopt a few simple life hacks to save time.

Life hacks are low-budget  and simple practical tips that make life so much easier! Usually they incorporate items that you’ll have lying around the house anyway and are so simple yet genius that they will literally transform your life!

I wanted to share some fab life hacks, the first 2 thanks to inspiration from Kumala, the UK’s favourite South African wine brand, and one of my very own one too!

I would love to hear your top tricks in the comments too! Because, well, the new series of TOWIE is on air soon and I don’t intend to miss a single episode!

Life Hack 1: Destem Strawberries 

Summer equals bowls of strawberries and cream galore! It’s one of my favourite treats but removing the stem can be time consuming and can often result in losing half of the strawberry if you chop it off using a knife!

To make life easier simply use a straw and push it through the bottom of strawberry and all the way through. Et voila! The stem is gone.

deseed strawberries with straws

Life Hack 2: Fresh Flowers 

I love having fresh flowers around the house and to make them last longer I cut the ends off and dip into boiling water to extend their lifespan. Easy.


life hack: make flowers last longer

flower stem

Life Hack 3: Lipstick and Nail Varnish 

Warm temperatures will give your nail varnish a thick and gloopy consistency and can melt your favourite lippy, making it difficult and time consuming to apply. Solution? Pop your beauty buys in the fridge to help them last longer, saving time and pennies!

nail varnish in fridgelife hack: nail varnish in fridgeNow you’ve seen my life hacks, I would love to hear about yours!

Do you have a really useful hack that makes your life easier?

Please describe your favourite life hack in the comment box below and I will choose my favourite hack to win a case of Kumala wine for the ultimate Me Time Moment.

For more life hacks check out Kumala Wine’s Facebook page.

Having a husband who is South African and spending a lot of time in the country, I can vouch that Kumala is the perfect wine to accompany summer barbeques, or a romantic dinner for two.

For nearly twenty years, Kumala has been growing a wide variety of grapes in its beautiful vineyard nestled in the foothills of South Africa’s famous Table Mountain (the one I incidentally screamed riding up). Do try their award winning wines today!

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282 Responses

  1. Harriet Kendall

    Soak stained tea/coffee cups in Coke to get rid of the stains!

  2. Tracey baker

    Being organised for birthdays and christmas buy bargains throught the year so I’m all ready x

  3. mike proffitt

    Buying christmas gifts in January sales, takes planning but saves allot

  4. Alison

    I go for a run and walk the dog at the same time, sets me up for the day and he is happy

  5. Deborah Hambleton

    To make sure my family eat lots of vegetable, I puree things like peppers and use them to bulk out curries and chilli’s

  6. Michelle Addy

    I use a peg to seal cereal bags, etc to keep them fresh. I also use a peg to reseal frozen peas, cauliflower, etc in the freezer to stop them spilling out.x

  7. claire sen

    Be as organised as possible. I love going to bed knowing everything’s where it should be and the clothes for everyone are out ready for the next day!
    It saves a lot of time!

  8. Daphne Mueller

    I make a large pot of Bolognaise sauce, then portion and freeze.
    Less work midweek

  9. catherinej

    It may be ridiculously simple but when making coffee, pour the boiling water into the cup in a swirling around motion, means there is no need to stir after, and one less teaspoon to wash! 🙂

  10. Laura Kevlin

    My favourite life hack is to use scissors to cut pizza!

  11. Kerry-Ann Pope

    My best life hack is always buying items when you see them in the sales, so I buy ahead for christmas and birthday gifts, as well as buying clothes in bigger sizes for my boys as guaranteed when they need that new winter coat it will be double or treble the price it will be if I buy it in the sales and the money saved can be put towards a family home or making our general day to day living better.

  12. Mrs McG

    half a lemon in the microwave with boiling water for a min or 2 – then easy clean

  13. Emily Knight

    If you use your phone alarm but keep sleeping through it, put your phone in an empty plastic cup before you go to sleep – it’ll amplify the noise and definitely wake you up 🙂

  14. Conrad Edwards

    When complaining about goods or services, never lose your cool, but keep smiling and let the other person help you to get the outcome you want

  15. Pete

    Just tried that strawberry trick – it works!
    My tip is to have a place for everything, then you won’t lose it

  16. Rennene Hartland

    Buying xmas presents in advance so always have cash in dec and jan

  17. pauline black

    Bulk buy bargains especially everyday items like toilet roll and washing powder if they are on offer.

  18. Paula Phillips

    I keep spare gifts and cards incase I forget an occasion or need one in a hurry.

  19. leanne weir

    Buying xmas presents in advance and having money in December

  20. pamela gossage

    I buy presents in the sales so I always have something for unexpected birthdays etc

  21. Vickie Jackson

    Whenever toiletry sets are on offer I make sure I buy a few to have as back up, just in case we have an unexpected birthday

  22. Maddy

    An early start gives me a flying start to the day so I can take half an hour in the sunshine at lunchtime 🙂

  23. Louise Chambers

    Folding/smoothing the washing from the line straight into the basket to cut down on ironing.

  24. Chantelle Kemp

    I use labels and storage boxes for everything.. I’m an organization freek 🙂

  25. Holly G

    To dry your nail polish in a hurry, put your finger nails under a cold tap, it really helps speed up the process!

  26. Kathryn Casbolt

    Being an ‘early bird’. by getting up early I can get so much housework done before the family roll out of bed! No interruptions and I actually feel energised!

  27. Leah Gilbert

    For packed lunches, by rolls etc in bulk and freeze them. Defrost them the night before in the breadbin. They are fresh in the morning and you reduce wastage. Also works well with chillies but you can use them almost right away

  28. Barbara madden

    stainon my sink no cleamicals cleners would move tried loads from the supermarket then my army husband remembered BRASSO and way ho it sparkles and the marks have gone.We are both happy has the last straw was a plumber and a new sink

  29. Al Cro

    Using a dilute solution of white vinegar to clean windows and to lift dust from surfaces, rather than purchasing expensive cleaning products.

  30. Ken nicholas

    To get the kids to remember things we write it on a plaster and stick it to their hand, appointments after school or handing things are then rarely forgotten

  31. Kristina Trick

    I had stickers stuck to plastic that I couldn’t peel off and it wouldn’t wash off so I used nail polish remover and it got it all off easy peasy.
    This has helped in all situations involving kids stickers and difficult to remove price stickers.

  32. Matthew Morrison

    I love the strawberry tip! Perfect for when I am on the bar and have to garnish cocktails.

  33. liz ferguson

    the early bird gets things done .. I like to get up before anyone else to get organised before distractions send me off in different directions xx

  34. Linda Hill

    I live miles from anywhere so I always have a mixed collection of birthday cards to hand so I do not get caught out and miss someone’s birthday

  35. Diane Carey

    On occasional mornings I will get up at 6am. I have more energy to get cracking with jobs etc and catch up online. The day seems a lot longer and you get so many chores etc done. By tea time when I start feeling tired I will have already got everything done


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