baby Florence

Self-Care and Emotional Well-Being Tips for New Moms

baby Florence

Hey new mom, this post is for you!

Your entire life changes the moment you see those two pink lines on a pregnancy test right? Your life, body and mind are about to change beyond recognition.

You know that every choice you make from now on, will affect your little one.  This drives you to care for yourself because, by extension, it’s how you take care of your unborn baby.

However, once your baby is born, you focus completely on your child and self-care becomes an impossible feat. It’s natural to want the best for your baby and it’s common to never want a moment away from one another but self care is critical too, even if short bouts to help yourself during the challenging postpartum period. 

I’ve been there and felt the burnout so I wanted to share some tips on how to help yourself as a new mom to help support your physical, mental, and emotional health and helps you transition to motherhood. Self care is not selfish! Small acts of service and self compassion are crucial and often as new parents, we don’t even know where to start when it comes to even considering our own needs but I’m here to help so read on…


Tips On How To Start Self-Care    

  • Invest in a comfortable, confidence-boosting wardrobe

Yes, your body has changed and that’s normal and to be expected, you grew a baby, Mama, feel proud of what you’ve achieved. Please don’t compare yourself to others new parents on social media. Every body, pregnancy, baby and circumstances vary. This ‘bounce back’ culture is toxic to its core and I hope by then time my daughter has a baby, if she chooses to, it is obselete. My own mother said women were given grace when she was pregnant and no one expected quick weightloss after having a child. Please talk to yourself as you would your best friend. Without judgement and with the utmost kindness. Investing in comfortable and confidence-boosting clothes was a game changer for me. Yes I lived in leggings and nursing tops but they fit me well and were stylish, boosting my overall mood. Postpartum leggings really will become your best friend thanks to their stretchy and supportive fabric. I would always opt for high waist leggings that have a supportive waistband so they reduced the strain on my abdominal muscles and pulled me in a little whilst still being comfortable. Why not compare the best postpartum leggings to see which ones suit your needs and style.     


  • Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

It’s normal for new moms to plan their chores around their baby’s nap times and while this is a good idea, please don’t schedule chores for all your baby’s naps (it took me until baby number three to learn this) and instead, use some of the naps to catch up on your own sleep. Most newborns sleep for about 16 hours a day but only for short periods because they get hungry every few hours and need to be fed but these short ‘disco naps’ as I like to call them make for the ideal time to get yourself some shut-eye too. If your baby takes bottles, your parner can help with feeds, especially at night. I exclusively breastfed my first and combine fed my next two children as I felt I needed his extra support with feeding. You decide what works with you, again dismissing pressure either way and going with your own gut and what works for your body and your family. If you do choose to bottle feed, at any point, it can prove a great way for dad to bond with the baby.  Either way, I don’t do guilt-induced parenting, we all parent differently and should be supported full stop.


  • Start Exercising Daily 

Taking care of a baby is a lot of work but it’s not the same as exercise! Putting aside time for daily exercise is great for your physical and mental health but it also serves as a reminder that self-care is important. Ideally, you should aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week – this would work out to 30 minutes for 5 days of the week. However, this may not be an option if you were not active before and during your pregnancy so it’s fine to start with just 5 or 10 minutes of low-intensity exercise each day. For instance, you can go for a short walk every morning after your baby’s morning feed. Once you are used to your routine, you can increase the duration and intensity of your walks and add a few exercises.  Getting out into nature if good for the soul and will clear your head, however challenging the night before was!


Tips For Self-Care and Emotional Well-Being 


  • Don’t Aim for Perfection 

Every new mom wants to be a “Supermom” but this is not a healthy standard to set for yourself. Your house certainly does not need to be spotless nor do your clothes need to be immaculate: you and your baby simply need to be healthy and happy. Look for ways to cut back on household chores and only do the essentials which will free up time for self-care. My Mum advised me before I had my first baby to, ‘Lower my standards’ as I was and still am to some extent, a clean freak but it’s impossible to do everything all of the time when you’re caring for a newborn. 


  • Ask for Help 

Everyone knows that being a new mom is tough so don’t be ashamed to ask for help. If family members or friends offer support, please do not politely brush them off while you suffer in silence. Have a conversation with them about the things you need help with and ask if they can take on any of those tasks. You will be surprised at how much easier life is with just a little help from those who love you and want to be there for you whether that’s making some meals for your freezer or watching the baby so you can take a shower! 


  • Get Emotional Support 

During the postpartum period, your hormones will be all over the place and it can take a while for you to adjust to motherhood. You’re already in an emotionally vulnerable state and if you’re alone at home all day, you will start to feel lonely and isolated. Research shows that emotional support can help to prevent depression and improve bonding with your baby. Try and connect with fellow parents joining baby groups or sing alongs in libraries. I took on a baby massage course when my first baby was born which helped me make new mum friends. 

Please look after yourself Mama!

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