HM_featured_post_300x169pxI’ve loved fashion from a young age, there was nothing I enjoyed more than dressing up in my Mum’s high heels ( I remember a red pair I literally fell head over heels with) and would draping statement 80’s necklaces around my neck, strutting to Michael Jackson on the radio.

And in some respect, times haven’t changed that much…

I still love dressing up but unlike my pre-kid days, saturdays aren’t always about hitting the shops anyway (although I do still get my fix don’t worry)-and luckily for me (and you) online shopping is but a click away!

Nowadays more than 80% of mums shop online and its no wonder! Quick, easy, no negotiation of stairs with buggies-I can browse and pick what I want when I want. Midnight is usually my quiet time here!

It’s not always obvious where to look online though, sometimes too much choice is baffling.

This is why I love It’s essentially an online clothing search engine that features all my favourite high street stores and designer brands under one stylish cyber roof.

Regular readers will know that my family has been struck down by all kinds of nasty bugs and illnesses these past couple of months, so I decided that after surviving 8 weeks of sleepless nights and trips to A&E, I deserved some retail therapy!

With the denim trend being back in a big way for Spring 2015, I decided that a new pair of jeans is just what the doctor ordered. I’m not known for my jeans really, I wore some skinnies the other day and Xander asked me why I was wearing Daddy’s jeans (not that Daddy wears skinnies but it shows how infrequently I don jeans) but that’s changing, I love how easy it is to style jeans up-from converse and blazers to an embellished blouse and heels by night, they are versatile.

And I’m getting brave people and am ready to embark on the 70’s trend du jour and go for flared jeans. So here are my top picks that I’ve found using Fashiola!

STELLA MCCARTNEY High-rise flared jeans

These are definitely what I would call a pair of ‘investment jeans’ but a good pair of jeans (if looked after well) will last you a lifetime so are definitely worth the money (or at least that’s what I tell Peter).

But on a cost per wear basis, these wide-legged Stella McCartney (£255) will most definitely be great value money as they are simply so flattering!

Free People Jeans

I had never come across Free People before using Fashiola, but the brand is now firmly on my fashion radar! These beautiful kick flare jeans (£68) are so on point and have an elasticated waist, making them the perfect dining out jean!

DIESEL bootcut jeansIn my late teens and early twenties, I was obsessed with Diesel jeans, however, I have to admit that I haven’t really paid too much attention to the brand since. So thank you to Fashiola for reigniting my love affair! These beautiful boot cut jeans (£104.83)  are super stylish and have a subtle flair (so no tripping on the bottoms on the school run) and are ideal for those just wanting to tip their toe into the 70’s trend.

Mango Nmartina Mid-Rise Bootcut Jeans, Medium Blue

Come to Mama! Aren’t these jeans amazing! Pure ‘hippy hippy shake’! I just want to pair them with a wide brimmed floppy hat, shaggy sheepskin waistcoat, buy a VW campervan and run away on an American road trip adventure! Back to reality…these Mango jeans are a complete steal at just £22.45 in the sale. Buy quick!

VALENTINO Flared jeans

Remember how I said the Stella McCartney jeans were an ‘investment pair’? Well these Valentino ones fall into the ‘remortgage your house’ category at £605. They are however simply sublime and a girl can dream can’t she?! P.S If any psychics out there know this week’s lottery numbers, please send them my way…

So what do you think, are you going to don some flared jeans yourself?

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7 Responses

  1. Cat

    Love your blog!! 🙂 Just seen a great mum fashion blog – she seems to get it right..

  2. Rosie Rowe

    I used to love flares… seriously, when you’re 5’2″, they’ll make you look good! Although I’m now 56, I still hanker after a decent pair of flared denims, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll treat myself on my birthday!!

  3. Fiona @ Free Range Chick

    Right, I don’t know if I will be donning a pair of flares. I used to wear them, and I know EXACTLY how I’d wear them. You know I’m a rock chick, so I would pair them with some Dr Martens black sandals and a skinny band tee (probably my Thin Lizzy tee with huge, sparkly gold writing).

    I have photos of my mum, who was the original hippy rock princess, wearing gorgeously grubby flares, huge hats and tight tops. She was model-beautiful – seriously. Pics of mum back then would sell flares to anyone. Maybe I’ll look back at them and buy a pair… I do love that era after all! X

    • honestmum

      Oh your Mama sounds gorgeous, my Mum was the same, seriously stunning, still gorgeous now but she was a knockout, love the 70’s and would love to see you style them in pictures! Do it x


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