S*** Days, We All Have Them, You’re Not Alone

relaxS*** days, we all have them huh? Today was one of them here. Not 100% awful all of the time, just on reflection, a culmination of too many frustrating, soul-zapping moments that cumulatively made for a bit of a s*** one.

I’m hot, overtired, love-sick for Love Island (I know fans feel my pain and YES WE ALL NEED A FRICKIN’ LIFE) but mostly I’ve depleted of endorphins thanks to overstretching myself today. I feel meh.

I’ve done too much for too many people and my cup hath runneth dry (or something) *goes to fill it back up with wine.

I’m promised myself more self-care time (not just endlessly reminding myself about it in blog posts), particularly since my thyroid op (I’ve not even been able to muster the words to write fully about that yet but I will) and for the most part, I’ve gotten quite competent at the elusive ‘me time’ but admittedly some days don’t give me 5 minute me time on the toilet without a ‘Mummy’.

Today has required me juggling kids (one with an ear infection bless him), a wrestling on an overflowing inbox which required urgent attention, favours, literally running to the doctor to make our appointment, two sprints to the chemist and all in the blistering heat (which I can’t fully enjoy because I worry about climate change-and we all should be worried because that’s why it’s so damn hot here in August)- so hello mentally-exhausting day. Sometimes it’s hard to be me!

And, like many of me fellow sisters no doubt, sometimes when I’m down, I like to kick myself further, reminding myself of people who don’t like me or have been cruel in the past, or trolls’ words or niggling voices of self-doubt who come out to party (there’s no party like a pity party huh). I never do this when I’ve slept enough hours, eaten enough greens and find myself surrounded in pure good vibes. Of course I don’t because self-sabotaging voices come out to play when your body needs more rest, more fuel, more time to chill out.

So I’m silencing those b****** voices. I’m taking action. I’m turning off my computer and I’m not even promoting this post on social media (there’s a first) because I’ve just had a relaxing bath, I’ve exfoliated my face for the first time in a month (rather than just wiping off make-up with those lazy wipes) and I’m about to change the sheets so I sleep in a clean, crisp bed, with Marie Claire and Red on my bedside table before lights out.

It’s time to get some sleep earlier than 3am (like last night) and fill that empty, dry af cup right back up.

Who’s with me?



Photo by Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash


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S*** Days, We All Have Them, You're Not Alone - Honest Mum


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