Run, vicki, run…

Is anyone else a little bored with I don’t know, everyone’s obsession with weight, whether you’ve had a baby or not? OK I get it, I may just be adding to the discourse but hear me out, this isn’t really about weight, this is about running. Running?

Yep you heard right, recently I’ve become quite frankly, addicted to running. No not running away from Baby Oliver when he’s shit himself, not running away from the millions of emails staring me in the face or the ten missed calls on my phone…but you know, running for like ‘fun’.

Oh we’ve had intermittent flings over the years, times when I was truly obsessed with my treadmill (no need to call security) and others when I just used and abused it, usually carefully placing wet laundry over it to dry.

Oh and there was that funny time when my sweet husband (acting like a teenage boy trying to get the girl) thought he’d impress me when I was pounding on it, and decided to jump on the back while I was in full swing. He fell and ummmm bruised himself. Not sure why he was trying to impress me, we’d been married 3 years.

…I digress. So after not even giving it a second thought whiles pregnant (I was too busy eating and vomiting until late on and I really don’t think running sans baby in tummy is good but that’s my personal opinion and down to the individual)-I got back on the saddle so to speak when my child was 9 months old.

Prior to that, I couldn’t even contemplate exercise-I know they say 3 months post C section but to me that’s lunacy, I was just sooo tired-so for the last 8 months, I am well, I’m back in love with my treadmill again.

I’m very lucky, a photographer friend of mine was moving to Canada a few years ago and gave me her treadmill (it’s a US brand and is the heaviest but sturdiest machine there is) and it’s found its way into my office at home.

I’ll be honest even when Oliver was 9 months, I was far from my pre baby weight and running outside, well it freaked the crap out of me. Even getting my trainers on took copious amounts of camomile tea and a hit of Rescue Remedy.

So fast forward 9 months and I run on the thing 5 times a week. I know, mental but I love the way it makes me feel, it invigorates me in the morning (whiles child sits in his highchair and destroys a banana and porridge), it chills me out early evening (whiles Daddy has child and he destroys dinner) and as a side effect it has got me back to pre baby weight but slowly and healthily and I’m even a smaller size than I was before.

Oh yes, there are areas that still need improvement but it’s a treadmill not a plastic surgeon and we’ll get there (maybe) and you know what, I think I might be ready to take me and my athletic booty onto the street!

*Start the Rocky theme tune.

Photograph ©Vicki Psarias-Broadbent.

 Fitness Tuesday

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11 Responses

  1. Alexandra Mercer

    I’m hooked on running too, makes me feel like I could run the world, well almost! You should get outside when the weather’s better though, nothing beats a run outdoors.

  2. Metropolitan Mum

    yay! It took me 11 months to get back to exercising – I wish I had started earlier; I am sure my back wouldn’t have suffered as much as it did.
    I used to like running. I really want to take it up again, but there are no nice places to run in Islington. Feel like I urgently have to move back to W8. Hyde Park, here I come (running!)

    🙂 xx

    • honestmum

      OOH do it, West is Best as they say. I still have my place in SW and miss my Richmond Park runs and then waddles once I was pregnant. Love your running punning lady too! Vxxx

  3. EmmaK

    Jealous that you are addicted to something as good for you as running! I really only enjoy the exercise classes at the gym for the good gossip with the girls after. I also walk everywhere here which is considered decidedly odd by most americans.

    • honestmum

      I know, I remember being in LA and commenting to my LA based friends that I could just walk back to the hotel when we stopped for lunch nearby. They looked at me like I was crazy! No one walks in America do they? Or take the bus? Argghh but those freeways scare me! I’m equally addicted to dark chocolate as I am running though so not as angelic as this post might suggest and can easily eat a MAHOOSIVE bar in one sitting and easily drink Courvoisieur at any time in the day. Imagine what the Americans would think of that?

  4. Mark Raynsford

    Very good! Yep running certainly releases the endorphins and feel good vibes!
    Definitely mix up your routine too with some bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, pressups, planks etc. Not only with these compliment your body and shape change but will strengthen the muscles and joints your using on the treadmill.
    Two further tips;
    1) Always run on a slight incline on a treadmill – having flat will place more pressure on the knees
    2) Take the odd day off, 5 days (dependant on distance for sure) places quite a bit of impact on the knees, ankles etc, and I’ve seen lots of injuries/niggles occur this way, hence the idea about “cross training”
    Hope they help – keep up the motivation!!

    • honestmum

      Thank you very much for your tips. Yep I run at gradient 4 usually but will give myself another day off on your advice. Will also force myself to do those dreaded squats and pressups. Planks I have to say, I’m top of the class at! Cheers again!


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