Honest Mum takes intolerance tests

Reviewing York Test Intolerance Testing

Honest Mum takes intolerance tests

York Test 100% helped me lose weight 10 months ago when I bought a test for myself and my two children.

I’ve always fluctuated weight-wise due to PCOS, and whilst I wasn’t overweight at a UK size 12 (I’m now a UK 10), discovering which foods had been irritating and eliminating them, led to weight loss. No portion reduction, just a removal of trigger foods.

I re-tested two months ago to check for any changes from the first test, and now continue to feel better than ever thanks to York Test.

Not only did I achieve weight loss, keeping it off mostly (bar the natural increase over Christmas where I resumed eating foods which dislike me) I have also eliminated migraines and feel as if my previously foggy head has cleared.

Easy as pie (something I can no longer eat unless it’s gluten-free as it goes), you are sent a test in the post (I opted for the Modern Living Diet Scan), which gives you easy instructions on how to take a pain-free finger or heel test before posting it back to the lab in a pre-paid SAE for testing.

You can take a initial test to establish whether you react to anything first before the more detailed one but I knew I would have intolerances.

You must include all foods in your diet that you are testing for in order to establish whether you will have a reaction, so a week before taking the test I ate everything bar eggs, which have an immediate effect on me when consumed, making me feel dizzy.

My initial test with York Test 10 months ago found that egg, wheat, gluten, yeast and cashew nuts were key triggers, with lentils, cow’s milk and garlic as borderline triggers.

All these correlate with ill effects caused when eaten (I once ended up in A&E with suspected appendicitis as a reaction to lentils)!

After that first test, I duly removed all offensive ingredients which were causing inflammation, for a period of 3 months and was so happy with the results, mentally and physically, that I stayed away from them until recently, only introducing most again so I could retest.

The tests returned stating that wheat is the main trigger which I concur with.

My nose becomes blocked as soon as I consume it and my hands have even swelled from too much consumption in the pat, leading to my rings having to be cut off in hospital. That’s how much wheat hates me.

My own kids both took the test 9 months ago and since doing so have seen huge improvements to their health too. Oliver complained of feeling sick daily which ceased completely once eggs were eliminated from his diet.

Alexander discovered an intolerance to cow’s milk and he too has seen his health transformed after being under an ENT Specialist for various issues with his ears and throat.

You don’t have to eliminate trigger ingredients forever either. Gradually you can reintroduce ingredients one by one to see if they are still bothering you. You are also given a time slot to discuss dietary changes after your test with a nutritionist and you will receive an emailed leaflet to help inform and inspire you.

I took an allergy test with York Test too who discovered I was allergic to Aspergillus Fumigatus which is found in bins usually (no taking the bins out for me then)!

These tests along with a healthy lifestyle where we exercise daily has truly helped the whole family, making happier and healthier! You can read more on how it’s helped us HERE.

Disclosure: This is a review.

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Reviewing York Test Intolerance Testing

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