HM_featured_post_300x169pxOk…so let me start this post by saying I hate ironing. In fact, I’m not really a fan of any domestic chores, but ironing is by far the worst. My Mama can testify for this (thanks Mum for doing so much ironing for us all)!

So, as you can tell, anything that can make ironing easier and a more enjoyable chore is a winner in my eyes. This is where the Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator comes in!

What a beautiful iron- and there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write!

Phillips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generatorlight ironDescribed as the ‘World’s Most Powerful Iron’, the iron is revelation, leaving my clothes looking beautiful and removing all creases in record time. I whizzed through a large load of family clothes in no time at all.

Its 420g steam boost and 6.7 bar pressure means that it so powerful you never have to iron the same area more than once.

easy ironingProbably the first time I’ve ever smiled whilst ironing – ever!!

Retailing at £320 it is expensive, but if you iron large loads regularly I would definitely say it is worth the investment!

The iron comes with OptimalTEMP technology. I had never used an iron with this feature before, but it allows you to iron everything from everyday jeans to your finest silk dress without setting the temperature – no burns guaranteed. 

I tested this out on an old lace top (I wasn’t quite prepared to use a new piece of clothing) and it really does work! I’ve destroyed so many delicate pieces of clothing in the past by ironing them at too high a heat! This again justifies its higher retail price – think of the amount of money I’ll save not ruining clothes with iron marks!

Phillips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator

The iron itself is quite large with a massive 1.8l detachable water tank, but it is also incredibly light making it easy to use and ensuring their is no stress on the muscles in your wrist.

Other nifty features include:

  • Philips’ exclusive and ideally positioned Easy De-Calc Plus function provides the ideal way to get rid of limescale and extend the lifetime of your steam generator iron.
  • By using the ECO mode with a reduced amount of steam, you can save energy without compromising on the ironing results. For faster ironing, switch to Turbo mode, which generates more steam.
  • Your steam generator iron is designed to use tap water. While ironing, when the water tank runs out of water, you can easily refill it without having to wait or turn off your appliance.

Although I’m still not a fan of ironing, using the Philips PerfectCare Elite Steam Generator iron, means I can get through the job as quickly as possible and with pretty perfect results. I refuse to wear crumpled clothes so if I have to iron, this is my tool of choice.

I am thinking of gifting this to my Mum too, because I’m so generous like that 😉

What a power iron! Top marks Philips!

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14 Responses

  1. Geeta

    I share your hate for ironing, but I do agree that steam generator irons are the best thing for people like me who want to cut down their ironing time as much as possible. My weekly work clothes would normally take about 20-25 minutes to iron every weekend, since switching to a steam generator iron I rarely ever go over 12 minutes – for me that’s a big difference. All in all, I think these are truly wonderful.

  2. Wave to Mummy

    Ha ha don’t get me started on ironing – I hate it with a passion. Would rather have creased clothing 😀 although, who knows, maybe it is just because I’ve never had a superior iron like this 🙂 great review, made me smile 🙂
    Wave to Mummy recently posted…Welcome to my Scandinavian Christmas homeMy Profile

  3. Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas @Kahanka

    Ha ha ha, had to laugh at you saying you hate ironing! Would you believe I actually love it! i love the smell and everything that comes with it. Shame I do not have this beauty at home, would use it all the time especially on hubby’s work shirts.
    Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas @Kahanka recently posted…Wonderful Christmas Books for ChildrenMy Profile

  4. tracey bowden

    I hate ironing too so anything that makes it easier is a bonus for me! Sounds like a great iron but totally out of my price range x
    tracey bowden recently posted…There’s Something I Need To Tell You: part 3My Profile

  5. Jacqui @ Mummy's Little Monkey/MLM Life & Style

    Those steam generators are amazing, aren’t they? We got one a few years ago and it definitely makes ironing bearable (this is coming from the girl who hates ironing so much she’d only buy iron-free clothing).
    Jacqui @ Mummy’s Little Monkey/MLM Life & Style recently posted…CAPTURING MEMORIES with lifecake.comMy Profile

  6. Sarah muncher

    So glad I snapped this up in the black Friday sales for £73! I haven’t used it yet, so I’m happy to read about the optimal temp test you did….I was a bit wary of that but it was too good a deal not to buy it. I have a dodgy right wrist and still suffering from post pregnancy bad back, so hopefully this will half my ironing time…who am I kidding, my hubs does the ironing! 😉
    Sarah muncher recently posted…10 Quick Nutritional Tips for Pregnant WomenMy Profile

    • Honest Mum

      Bahaha that made me laugh! What a fab husband. My Mum does a lot of ours here, so lucky! It is seriously ah-mazing, a power iron like I’ve never used before. Well done on your bargain girl x

  7. Samantha Rickelton

    Wow this looks like something I need in my life! I too detest ironing and try to do it as little as possible. In fact when the kids visit Grannie for a sleepover it’s one of the only times their uniform gets ironed! HAHA! I used to have an ironing lady but unfortunately she retired. SOB!!! So anything that makes the chore a little more enjoyable is worth spending a little more for in my eyes.
    Samantha Rickelton recently posted…The Stick Man Trail at Hamsterley Forest, DurhamMy Profile


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