Review of Little Experts’ Non-Fiction Series

The Little Experts’ non-fiction series of books by RED SHED* are immediate must-reads for kids of all ages (suitable from age 4).

Offering vital insight on money, biology and marvellous human-powered vehicles, subjects a lot of the current curriculum doesn’t include or not in any depth any how, or much later on (high school), makes this collection truly unmissable.

Each book starts with an author introduction explaining their backstory, passion for their work and the purpose behind their books.

I’ve learnt as much as my kids have, reading this eye-opening series and the illustrations are utterly captivating too. Bold, bright and engaging, all three of my kids from a toddler to a teenager and one in between enjoyed and found great value from these books.


Deborah Meaden’s Why Money Matters (ilustrated by Hao Hao)

A wonderful entrepreneur and supportive woman to boot (Deborah has kindly shared my own book on her channels), she explains the history, purpose and importance of money, something all children should know more about helping them feel empowered and motivated to become financially secure adults.

From shiny shells to metal coins to notes and credit cards, Deborah explains in her affable way where money came from, why it’s important and how to make and save money, what interest and tax are as well as an exercise to encourage children to write a list of chores and ask their family what they’d pay for you to do them.


Dr Ronx’s Amazing Bodies (illustrated by Ashton Attzs)

With 11 years as an emergency medicine doctor under his belt, Dr Ronx provides the ultimate guide to the body so the little people in your life can wow their family, friends and even teachers with their newly accumulated biological facts. From learning about super skin to brilliant bones, squishy brains and beyond, this concise and vivid book will simply amaze your children. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes as far as inspiring young readers people to become future doctors.


James May’ Marvellous Vehicles (illustrated by Emans)

TV Presenter (The Grand Tour and Top Gear) and car-fanatic, James shares his fascination with human-powered vehicles (yes powered by us) that go far beyond just bicycles (although they feature in the book too). From the first log canoe to submarines and skateboards, this dynamic book explains the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy as well as detailed insight into vehicles on the ground, in the air and on the water. Super!

Each book provides a concise Glossary at the back to support learners.

*Red Shed is Farshore’s non-fiction imprint, home to inventive, inspiring, funny, thought-provoking non-fiction books as unique and diverse as its readers. Its mission is to make non-fiction accessible and exciting for all children, working with the very best authors and illustrators including Ant & Dec, James May, Chris Packham, Deborah Meaden and Dr Ronx, whose passion, expertise and authenticity combine to make every book special. Red Shed inspires readers’ curiosity, reflects their potential, and gets them thinking, sharing, questioning – and having fun! Since Red Shed began in 2013 it has published acclaimed picture books including If the World Were 100 People, which was shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize; collaborated with partners including the NSPCC and WWF; and created bestsellers including Ant and Dec’s Propa Happy, a fun-filled guide to feeling good, with all author proceeds supporting the NSPCC. Red Shed celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023.

You can buy the books HERE.


These books were gifted but as always, my words are honest.

Review of Little Experts’ Non-Fiction Series

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