Review of Burger Restaurant BRGR.CO on Wardour Street


Updated post.

In case you’ve found this archived post and feel confused about my eating habits (I do receive emails), I turned vegan in May 2018 before reviewing this restaurant. The rest of my family eat fish and meat so their tastes and favourite recipes are reflected on the blog.


Let me kick off by stating that the BRGR.CO isn’t your usual burger joint. Not by a mile, amigos.

This vibrant burger specialist is modern, stylish, and a little bit naughty (in a cheeky winky face kind of way).

BUNS neon sign

We were kindly offered lunch at their Soho branch after I wasn’t able to make their burger-fuelled soiree a few nights earlier, so with the babes and snap-happy husband in tow, we scuttled through the rain to Wardour St slumping into a window table in the warm and welcoming restaurant for a fun few hours of scoffing and laughing with the staff (whom were mostly Greek like me) leaving full to the brim and happier than before.

BRGR Co Wardour St

That’s what a great restaurant does, right? It fills your tummy and your heart. It offers you an experience to remember: something distinctive and different to the humble takeaway or eating at home. It’s that promise of quality time spent out of the ordinary that gets you through the rain/ fighting the crowds to the restaurant itself. It’s about breaking bread (or burgers in this case) with the familia, or friends and forgetting your troubles for a few hours.



BRGR.CO does exactly that.

It offers you escapism from your daily life: the usual grind, the rain and the relentless routine we parents often find ourselves in.

brothers share a milkshake

It was just what the doctor ordered. Juicy, tender burgers, nutty kale salad, golden onion rings, crispy chicken wings, tangy lobster rolls and salted caramel freakshakes your dreams are made of, but also: neon lights flashing out BUNS from its exterior, a toilet which at the flick of a switch, dims the lights and blasts Ricky Martin from its speakers, flashes of neon scribbles dancing on the walls.. as well as dedicated, smart service from people you feel you’ve known forever, and JOY, simple joy at eating great grub in a happy, uplifting atmosphere in the buzzing heart of Soho.

lobster roll

classic burger

burger veggie burger


chicken strips

chicken strips and wings

lobster roll

kale salad

onion rings

chicken wings

chicken wings in BBQ sauce

veggie burger

The lights hang low, the white-tiled wall sparkles in the mirror, locals, friends, tourists huddled at tables close to one another so solo diners don’t feel alone. The open bar and window into the kitchen reveals flaming burgers and chefs relishing creating relish.

chefs make burgers beautiful burgers

salted caramel freakshake

Oh and the brownies are out of this world!

chocolate brownie

chocolate brownie

Honest Mum and a salted caramel shake


popcorn on the top of a salted caramel freakshake

It’s more than a restaurant, it’s theatre.

cool toilets

See, BRGR.CO isn’t your usual burger joint. No sirree.  This one might just blow your mind.

Get there pronto and tell them Honest Mum sent ya.


child drinking water

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Review of Burger Restaurant BRGR.CO on Wardour Street

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