New Year's Eve

Reflecting on 2017

I’m going to keep this short and sweet (a bit like the gold glittery dress by Next I’m wearing in the pics-which isn’t too short to be fair) because I know you have things to do, people to see and places to go, people. I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve and before we know it we’ll be kissing the year goodbye, something I for one, cannot wait to do.

Honest Mum

The onesie is on and the takeaway is booked and together with the family and our neighbour and friend Libby, we’ll be toasting a new year that we hope will be more positive than the last.

I’ve experienced unspeakable sadness this year with the loss of my beloved auntie Zak after a shock cancer diagnosis and just 4 short months as she battled it with strength and grace I’ve not witnessed before.

I’m struggling to even write that Zak is no longer with us, let alone fully process it (I have this yearning to travel the world in the hope I might find her) but I’m wading through this heart-wrenching grief, accepting the sleeplessness nights as they come, and praying my family and I will find peace, somehow, in the coming year.

…As the new year is upon us I reflect on the growth of my children, their kindness, joie de vivre and sense of humour. I feel grateful for the growth of my business and the resolve and commitment it took for me to write a book despite the overwhelming personal trauma of last year.

I’m equally proud and happy that we took the risk to move from Yorkshire to Windsor which has thankfully felt like home from day one, bringing us great joy and a much yearned-for work/home life balance thanks to my now short commute to London, and a school and community my children love.

I’m grateful to all of you, who have been there for me through the good times and the bad, the many emails and messages I received at the death of Zak, those of you who knew I was suffering from insomnia and sought out my email to check I was sleeping, to assure me I wasn’t alone. To the women on the street (and in Waitrose-ha) who stopped me to tell me my work had helped them start new businesses and blogs and feel more confident. It was in the moments, I found strength when I had none to continue.

I feel so grateful to my husband, Peter, too, my rock and of course my amazing kids who have shown me unconditional love: Oliver and Alexander. I also want to thank my best mates Carlie and Caroline who have been there for me in the hardest of times and who make me laugh like no one else, my wonderful, supportive folks, and my whole tribe of support I couldn’t cope without. Thank you all.

…And now, back to the dress. This glittery figure-hugging number brings understated sparkle to NYE (for those not in a onesie tonight) and was the frock I rocked around the Christmas tree on the Big Day too. I added an oversized Topshop jumper and large red Topshop hoops for a laid-back day look and won’t be giving the glitter up just yet so you’ll be seeing more of it soon. My over-the-knee boots are Daniel Footwear, floppy red hat is TK Maxx.

Honest Mum

I like the playful cut-out short sleeves and the glittery belt which helps accentuate the albeit bigger waist, thanks to mince pies.

The next set of earrings of dreams you see were picked up on the final night of the Christmas Market last night on the Southbank, a wonderful discovery by EK Project who you can find at Camden Market, or online. The earrings which are handmade, lazer cut wooden pieces with tassels ‘as soft as a kitten’ as Alexander noted as he stroked them, certainly makes the designer Ewa Koltuniewicz, one to watch. I’m going to be buying her necklaces and more earrings over the coming year.

Beautiful red bag is by beautiful designer Dara Ford.

Glitter dress

I shared this earlier on Instagram too: my highlights from global brand collabs (I was the first UK blogger and quite possibly the world to represent an airline and I was proud to become an ambassador for Herbal Essences) and I got to meet my tween heartthrob Christian Slater!

highlightsSo there it is, fashion and reflections.

I wish you health, love and happiness for the coming year.

Happy New Year! xxx

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Reflecting on 2017

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