Ad. This is a sponsored campaign with V by Vodafone but as always the words and opinions here are honest and my own.My bag is my life. Well, I keep my entire LIFE in my bag at any least, so the thought of losing it brings me out in a cold sweat. As a busy mumboss, I go from the school-runs to meetings, shoots and appointments needing everything but the kitchen sink in there from my camera and tripod to snacks for the kids, pens, paper and even my laptop some days, which means I’m permanently attached to my bag! Without it my life just stops.

That’s why MoveTrack from V by Vodafone is a total game-changer for me and I know it will be for you too. It tracks my bag so I won’t ever lose it and if anyone steals it, I’ll know exactly where it is!

Honest Mum and her Louis Vuitton bag

Small, discreet and with a handle that lets you place it anywhere, I’d be lost without mine now. Literally.

Vodaphone's MOVETRACK to protect your bag

My penchant for designer bags too means the bag is also worth a lot both monetary-wise and sentimentally as this Louis Vuitton was a gift from my husband. I tend to carry my backpack during the week (also not cheap at £250) and the techy contents not to mention my purse, another birthday gift from my husband, and the lucky pebble and pendant my kids gave me, are priceless.

They are more than material goods: they are memories, a SD card with photos and video footage on.

how to protect your bag and its contents

Just look at the contents of my bag snapped this weekend. I’d cry if I lost this lot. Shades, my purse, my home and car keys, camera, water bottle, my notepad full of inspo for the next year at least and more!

Thanks to MoveTrack from V by Vodafone, it looks great! Just connect it with a V- Sim by Vodafone you simply clip it on or put it into your bag and you can track your bag’s location straight to your phone even when you’re not nearby. How smart is that?

Mumboss with her bag tracker

Plus Vodaphone will never charge you more than the agreed monthly price to use your MoveTrack from V by Vodafone at home and abroad in most European countries. You can also pause
your next month’s subscription at any time.

It was £59.00 to buy and I’m paying £3 a month subscription* and it’s the best 3 quid I’ve spent for peace of mind.

Have you tried it?. I’d love to hear what’s in your bag too, I’m nosey like that!

This is a sponsored campaign with V by Vodafone but as always the words and opinions here are honest
and my own.
*Terms apply. V by Vodafone products and services are exclusive to Vodafone consumer mobile customers. For full functionality: a 30-day V-SIM plan, Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal are required. V by Vodafone products (except V-Auto) must be activated via the V by Vodafone app (available on Android and iOS devices only). Please note this product is designed for land-based location tracking and must not be connected or used on an aircraft. Full terms and details at Plus Vodafone will never charge you more than the agreed monthly price to use your MoveTrack from V by Vodafone at home and abroad in most European countries.
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11 Responses

  1. Uju

    Wow new technology never ceases to amaze me. My entire family could do with one of these as we’re a bunch of self-professed ‘bag ladies’ 😉 It would have also come in handy with the number of school bags we’ve lost over the years! Genius x

  2. Katrina Bruni

    Such a great idea! Having that extra reassurance must give you peace of mind, especially as you are out a lot. Amazing technology, it’s definitely the way forward. We love a gadget in this house. xxx

  3. Jacqui Paterson

    I’ve always panicked about having my bag nicked – ever since I fell foul to some very clever French pickpockets opposite the Moulin Rouge. I lost a designer bag (the only one I’ve ever owned!), my wallet and – most devastatingly – my camera with all our irreplaceable photos on it. This would have been handy back then! x

  4. your DIY family

    What a great idea. I am paranoid about losing my handbag to the point where I keep it firmly placed between my feet in crowded places, and resist moving too much! I haven’t come across a handbag tracker before but I really like the idea. Off to check it out now.
    P.S. Is that red and grey thing in your bag a bottle opener for emergency wine? Love it! 😂

  5. Sally Bunkham

    Oh my goodness!! This is EXACTLY what I need. I’m so bad for losing my bag, constantly. I remember losing it in early days of motherhood & nearly crying because it had my phone in it. This is genius x

  6. Circus Mum

    Oh how interesting, I’ve not.aeen one of these before but I’m forever losing things so it’s something I’d definitely consider buying. I love that it works abroad too. £3 per month is a bargain compared to the emotional and actual expense of replacing a lost bag and its contents right?

  7. Michelle Reeves

    OMG this is genius! I’m the same, I’d be lost without my bag, and it’s the little things too like the pen my husband bought me for my birthday, sentimental items I’d be so sad to lose. Such a smart idea. Off to check it out. Thanks Vicki!

  8. John Adams

    Oh my word I can see just how useful this would be! I’m forever loosing things, as are the kids mis-placing their school bags. I can well imagine that the V is a great investment Vicki. Small confession though, I don’t have many designer handbags!

  9. angela milnes

    This is awesome! I have actually been looking for a tracking device to place in Sylvia’s school bagfor when she walks home from school. We had a chat about it last week and we agreed it would give us peace of mind because a few weeks ago she innocently stopped at the library for an hour on her way home and we had to go looking for her in a panic. A device like this would give her more freedom and give us peace of mind and would be great in case she lost her bag too. Now I don’t have to research to find a device, you’ve done the work for me. Thanks. 🙂


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