Honest Mum with family

Primula and NSPCC Help Kids To #DreamBig

Honest Mum and kidsAs a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I dreamt of being either a TV presenter or a mermaid and luckily one of those ambitions came true last year. I’ll let you guess which one 😉

As a kid, I spent hours hosting my very own talk shows with my younger brother, Solos, he was Wogan, I was Kylie. I’m still sad I never grew up to be Kylie! I did become a professional blogger, vlogger and director so I think a lot of my wish list has been ticked. I’ll be a published author next year too. There are still many things I’d like to do though. I adore that the internet means opportunities I might not previously have had are now possible, and in abundance too.

I’m a great believer in dreaming big but also putting the graft in.

Honest Mum with family

My two sons, Xander and Oliver, often share their own dreams with me.

Dreaming big is part and parcel of childhood! It’s a time when you can let your imagination and ambitions run wild and everything seems possible whether that’s travelling to faraway galaxies or becoming a mythical half fish-half woman creature! One day right?

Oliver, 7 is the most caring chap you could hope to meet. So much so that at the tender age of 3, I remember stubbing my toe in the supermarket and he rushed to put a tub on yogurt on it. He veers between wanting to be a doctor to becoming a writer as together we invent stories. He’s brilliant behind the camera too and often shoots parts of my vlogs, knowing already how to focus the camera. I think I might have a mini Spielberg on my hands!

Alexander, 4, is frankly a born performer and adores being on camera, so much so, he cries if he’s not centre-stage.

I can imagine him becoming an actor one day, and after recent drama lessons for both boys, I’ve decided it’s not too early to plan my Oscars 2035 dress!

The boys sketched what they hoped to be in dream bubbles I drew in Dream Big notebooks. Oliver announced he’d like to design computer games so drew a computer and Xander (with a little help from Mummy) wants to fly a rocket!


Oliver draws a computer


child draws what he wants to be when he grows up

drawing with mummy

brother draw in notepads


little boy draws

little child draws

It was wonderful to witness my little boys dreaming big.

I wish that was the case for all kids, that everyone had the freedom to dream about plans and goals.

If a child is abused, consumed by fear, anxiety and loneliness then how can they be free to dream?

To help kids be free to dream big, Primula is donating 20% of the profits from their limited edition NSPCC branded tubes directly to the NSPCC, in order to help children grow up free from abuse.

These limited edition tubes are available to buy now and in a variety of flavours which include: Original, Cheese with Chives, Cheese with Ham, Light Cheese and Cheese with Prawns.

Primula Cheese

Primula cheese tubes

Primula cheese

In fact, it’s a little-known fact but Primula is owned by a charity trust so whenever you buy their products you are helping good causes across the UK. The 20% of profits donated to the NSPCC will be in addition to the money already given to charities through the Kavli Trust.

Charitable cheese is always the best-tasting cheese, right?

Primula makes the perfect lunch or snack! It’s so tasty and easy to prepare. My kids love it spread on pita bread with salad.


Family enjoy primula cheese on pitta with salad

Family meal time with Primula Cheese

Vicki of Honest Mum serves Primula cheese and pita

Of course, we couldn’t resist making some cheese art first which fits the dream theme!

Fun with Primula cheese

Primula cheese on pita with salad

Oliver created this cool cheese drawing of our house!

cheese art with primula

While Xander created a sky with the sun and clouds and a mountain landscape (with a little help from his Mama).

Enjoy Primula Cheese and donate to charity

Cheese art with Primula

The limited-edition NSPCC Primula tubes are on sale in selected Asda, Morrison’s, Tesco, Sainsburys and selected smaller independent stores.

We also featured in Best and Reveal Magazine as part of this campaign.

This is a commissioned post.




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