Playing Mummies and Daddies

Playing Mummies and Daddies

Playing Mummies and Daddies
A very real game of Mummies and Daddies

So last night I mentioned on social media that I often feel I’m just playing Mummies and Daddies, that I look at my cute kids then question whose they are-you see deep down I still feel 16. OK make that 18. Thankfully from the response I got online, it seems I’m not alone…

You see I’m still the girl I always was, just now I’m 33 with better eyebrows and more manageable hair, oh and with two very sweet, highly dependant little people I’m in charge of keeping alive each day. A bit like Cabbage Patch Kids but real. Shiiiiit!

The inner 16 year old can’t help itself though and comes out to play most days- take yesterday, I was literally queuing for a go on the swings at the local park. Nothing can stop me having a good ol’ swing whiles the kids hit the roundabout, I don’t care how many 5 year old’s want a go. WHAT?!

I also love a good sing song and let’s not forget, booty dance, usually when driving- the equivalent of clubbing in my late teens- I’m more ‘grateful’ now of course when it comes to music these days (anything for a faux night out) so I end up doing the school run with ‘sets’ ranging from Frozen to Jay Z and Cbeebies CD’s. Take that Ibiza.

I do still love ACTUAL partying and only wish I could do it more. Don’t worry, I do get my fair share, Cannes was one big party recently and girly nights out keep me sane. Even if everyone else in the bar is actually 16…

Most of all though, motherhood is the best excuse to become a child a kid again-hello marathon viewings of Up, Bugsy Malone and Brave all in one day. With living room picnics and popcorn of course. Holà disco time at kid’s parties and jelly and ice cream for dessert.

Dad and Vicki-Honest Mum

Photo by Kirsty Mattsson

Concerned I might be bordering on immaturity, I quickly remembered my Dad above, ( a 60- something Peter Pan) who only last week dived into the gym’s pool directly under the ‘No Diving’ sign spraying two elderly ladies with coiffed hair and sets of pearls (really) swimming breaststroke determined not to wet their hair… and it hit me, he too is still 16 so there’s really no hope for me!

Maybe it runs in the family, perhaps it keeps us young and well that bit more fun! I did apologise to the ladies at the pool by the way and for the record I’m never EVER going swimming with my Dad again. Maybe I’ll take him to the park instead…

So are you still 16 too?


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