hummus and bagels

Tasty Plant-Based Picnic Recipe Ideas For All The Family

hummus and bagels

Now the sun is out (once the hayfever meds are down), this family hits the grass and enjoys picnics some evenings and most weekends, and there’s so much on offer when it comes to making a picnic plant-based so I had to share what we love most.

First up, hummus is a vegan’s BF and my kids have always been obsessed with this dip. My Dad’s recipe for hummus is literally THE BEST I’ve ever tasted and I recently made red pepper hummus too to mix things up a little and add a little kick to proceedings so opt for either and enjoy!

Mine love dipping bagels into it too.

red pepper hummus

This Greek aubergine dip: melitzanosalata is the bomb too. Yes it’s the 90’s again *cringe. Seriously though, the caramelised, smoky flavour merged with the creamy texture of the aubergine makes this one heck of a special dip to dunk your bread into. Try it.

aubergine dip

Oh and don’t forget a shed load of olives. I literally get through jars of them in days. Green, black, Greek/ Spanish…give me an olive and I’m happy. YOU HAVE TO TRY my husband’s garlic marinade for olives which imbues those little cherubic superfoods with so much flavour. Just don’t forget the mints after!


I love a loaf too so pick up some pain or any vegan loaves or make your own!

Don’t forget to pack the salad either. This vegan kidney bean and hummus number is a favourite with the kids, even the veg-swerving 8 year old! Just omit the jalapenos for the small peeps.

hummus, kidney bean and jalapeño salad

Pack up some vegan smoothiesroasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds to sprinkle on salads or for snacks if you’re spending the day out in the sunshine, and these vegan apricot flapjacks make tasty desserts, ideally dunked in coffee or herbal tea.

delicious vegan fruit smoothie

roasted seeds

dairy-free oat flapjacksYummy!

Let me know if you try any of these suggestions won’t you?!

Photo by not brittany shh pls on Unsplash


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Tasty Plant-Based Picnic Recipe Ideas For All The Family - Honest Mum

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