Kano Father and Son Photoshoot

Photo Shoot For Kano Computers

Kano Father and Son Photoshoot
One of the more unexpected elements of my blogging career has been the modelling opportunities that have come along with it.

Since I started the blog, I’ve modelled for several luxury fashion brands that include an incredibly glamorous photo shoot in Cannes for Jacques Vert, as well as several campaigns with Nova Harley featuring in Vogue and Grazia Daily (several times), in store and in catalogues. Sometimes I wonder when I’m gonna wake up! I genuinely can’t believe it!

And there’s a few other models in the Broadbent household, as my husband Peter and eldest son Oliver have just been commissioned by the rather brilliant Kano Computers for the company’s Father’s Day campaign!

The Beckhams better watch out hey!

We’re coming to steal their crown! Haha! We wish!

I recently reviewed Kano Computers here on the blog. A computer that you build yourself from scratch, it combines play with learning and is the perfect way to teach your kids about IT and coding.

Kano is developed in two stages. First comes the hardware where you build an actual computer with a keyboard, circuit board, speaker, cables, a wifi dongle, SD card and operating system. It’s super simple to build and comes in a cool funky orange design.

It is then powered by the credit card sized circuit board, Raspberry Pi, designed and made in the UK, a transformational piece of kit that has helped to technologically empower developing nations.

Once the computer is built you move onto the software where you can code your own games! They say that coding is the new ‘must learn’ literacy for kids so this is a fantastic way to get your little ones accustomed to it! Watch Out Bill Gates!

You can also use Kano to develop music and your own sounds. Not only did Oliver learn so much from building and coding his Kano computer,  it was also fun and offered some cherished father and son bonding time! An all round winner if you ask me!

As a software developer and general IT wizz, Peter loves the whole concept of Kano and the whole ethos behind the company, so we had loads of fun on the photo shoot.

I have to say Peter has become such a pro-photographer I wasn’t even needed (other than bringing refreshments to the thirsty models) as he set up and directed all the shots by himself as well as modelling. Impressive huh?

Here are some a few pics from the day showing the process of building a Kano Computer

First, the excitement of opening up your new Kano Computer Kit!
boy with kano computer new kano computer kitnew kano computerFather and son reading the instructions, going through the kit and setting out a plan of action!

The Kano manual is made up of funky illustrations rather than text heavy instructions so its easy for youngsters to follow!

kano computer instructions

instructions on how to make a kano father and son reading the instructionsinstructions to make kano computer

And they’re off!

They’re thrilled to be making their Kano Computer!

All the Kano parts easily fit together so there’s no need for screws! It’s quick to make and easy too. The perfect introduction to technology for kids.

assembling kano computer

build a kano computermaking a kano computermake a kano computer

I love the funky orange keyboard, sounds crazy but I always lose my white laptop (this is impossible to lose)!

kano keyboard
kano computer hardwareboy making a kano computer

Now onto the coding and a quick game of Minecraft…

coding your kano computercode a kano computercode a kano computerplay minecraft on a kano

kano computer
Oliver adores the Kano, he has been playing with it for 15 minutes every day and keeps proudly reminding me he made it, ‘I made this Mummy, well me and Daddy built it’. How amazing is that?!

And here’s the finished advert that appeared in yesterday’s The Daily Telegraph Weekend Supplement! It’s in next Saturday’s too. Oliver just can’t wait for Show & Tell at school on Monday to show his class. I’m so proud of them both!

Kano Computer advert telegraph

Shot from the paper (we might have bought 10 copies!)

They’re in it this coming Saturday too!

telegraph advert for kano

Kano is available to buy for £119.99.

You can find out more about the possibilities of Kano on their Facebook page, following  or by subscribing to their newsletter.

This post was in collaboration with Kano.

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