Peter (and I ) were a bit blown away by the incredible response to his landscape photography when I shared them on the blog recently, so thank you to all who viewed, commented, and shared on social media, you guys touched us both.

Now, as part of a regular photography feature by Peter, I’m sharing portraits he’s taken of our children, I love.

Many of these photos are framed in our house or my parent’s and you might well recognise lots from other blogs posts right here as Peter is my number 1 chief photographer!

It’s a little bit special to curate my favourites all in one place, some are old photos steeped in touching memories, others were literally taken yesterday as we joked around after bath time.

It was an absolute joy to compose this post. I’m so proud of Peter and our little muses too of course.






happy face


sweet kid



gorgeous kid

Cutieportraitsummer portraitbeautiful boy


sweet boy


black and white kids portrait


sunny portraitmy sonriding a carfootballgorgeous

baby santa




portrait of Alexander

watching Mummy put make up on


curly haired boy

laughing boy


cute portrait



cute toddler

toddler smiling






sleeping baby

smiling baby

baby portrait

I must admit, these photos have made me rather emotional. I feel so lucky to have these incredible little boys as my sons and I’ll treasure these pictures, always.

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69 Responses

  1. International Elf Service

    These are amazing shots and your boys are genuinely gorgeous. I really love the expressions – so natural and full of life. Absolutely beautiful. You have one talented husband!

    • honestmum

      Thanks very much Nikki, it’s my husband’s shot though so can’t take the credit there but those boys are 50% me! hehe x

    • honestmum

      He loves IT so chose that as his job but he’s offered pro work all the time and has exhibited before. He’s had commissions thanks to this blog, thanks for your lovely words x

  2. Fiona @ OakBlog

    You have got one talented husband there. Loving how your boys get progressively younger in the photos. Absolutely gorgeous, and all so worthy of hanging on the wall on huge canvases! x

  3. MyLifeMyLove

    Wow, absolutely stunning. So clear and crisp. Your boys are gorgeous. I adore the photo of him looking out of the wet window. What a talented husband you have. Ali x

  4. Juliet McGrattan

    Oh my goodness, I want to Pin everyone of these but that would just seem a bit odd to have my whole board filled with your children! These are utterly beautiful. Well done Peter.

  5. Alex BumptoBaby

    Gosh his photography is stunning! He’s so talented! x


  6. JoyandPops

    Lovely photos – your boys are gorgeous!
    Such a great collection, it must mean the world to you. We’ve had to become quite creative with displaying our girls photos as I’d literally cover the house in them given half the chance!

  7. Emma T

    Gorgeous photos.

    I do wish I’d had a decent camera (or more interest in photography) when N was first born. I have so few lovely photos of him from early on.

  8. Debbie

    Beautiful portraits…Creating beautiful memories for you.

    My favorite has to be the one of Oliver holding Alexander as a baby and gently planting a kiss on his head. One to show them when they are fighting like cat and dog!

    Thank you Vicki, for sharing these treasures.

  9. Mirka Moore @Kahanka @Fitness4Mamas

    OK, I will repeat myself and say that your hubby is very gifted, just amazing. Love all of them, and feel a bit sad as not sure when will I see you guys again. I could not choose my favourite, but love seeing both boys changing xxx

  10. Kaye

    Wow, absolutely stunning photography! I’ve been trying to improve on the photos on my blog and I’d love to reach this level one day. #BrilliantBlogPosts

  11. Mel

    Wow… I have no words for this. Pinned quite a few of them. Every time you post photos of the boys, I wonder how Peter manages to catch their eyes so clearly. Tutorial please!

    • honestmum

      Oh thanks so much Mel, so touched. I know I really need to get him to do some tutorials, will try! He’s asleep but will ask him re the light, he’s gifted that chap x

  12. Charlotte

    Gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous boys. I particularly love the “brothers” pictures. They’re both naturals in front of the camera and Peter is clearly a super talented photographer. You must be so proud of all of them.

    I tend to take quick pictures of my boys on my phone but seeing your beautiful pictures reminds me that I should take the time to get my “proper” camera out occasionally too.

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, I’m exactly the same, I have a lovely camera and I’m not too shabby myself but the phone is so quick and easy isn’t it. Thanks for your lovely words x

  13. Mim

    Peter is SO good – although he is working with two of the most beautiful little male models! These photos are just beautiful – how wonderful to have such a talented photographer in the family 🙂 Oh Vicki you don’t need me to tell you that these two will be breaking hearts before long! 🙂

    • honestmum

      Aw thanks so much Mim, Peter is so talented and these little ones seem to love being in front of the camera. Thanks for your kind words x


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