A Perfect Lunch at Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen

Heddon Street Kitchen is the marriage of sleek surroundings and exquisite European food in a welcoming brasserie for all the family. Think Insta-worthy Moroccan inspired heated hub outside, industrial chic interiors with neon light signs and quirky sculptures within…Oh and with an ice cream parlour of dreams for the kids upstairs. Epic.

Heddon Street Kitchen

neon light at Heddon Street Kitchen

I actually entered Heddon Street Kitchen in Mayfair off Regent’s Street (funnily enough on Heddon Street) feeling a little bit ‘January Blues flat’ but left utterly and totally transformed thanks to the food, ambience and the thoughtful staff at HS.

Gordon Ramsey's Heddon Street Kitchen

That’s what a great restaurant offers isn’t it?

It takes you on a culinary journey.

Yes, it’s a given that the food should sing to you, especially when Gordon Ramsay has his name above the door but it’s all the vital elements coming together in a sweet crescendo that make for a truly unforgettable experience and it’s that promise of a ‘journey’ which drives you from your warm home on a freezing Sunday in January to a cold city, kids in tow. Well, Heddon Street Kitchen delivers on that promise, then some. Just wrap up warm and go live your best lives, yeah?!


With an open plan kitchen on the ground floor, you can marvel at the flickering open fire pizza oven and spotless, shimmering worktops from the seats at your table. Look a little deeper and you might just spot the busy chefs (we loved meeting Sous Chef Luke Ferguson) rustling up all the dishes you love to eat, spanning Sunday roast with all the trimmings to lean (not mean) salads for those watching their waistlines now January has come.


With both Gordon and his culinary protegee daughter Tilly Ramsay designing a menu each at the brasserie, there’s literally something on offer for everyone, big and small. Tilly’s menu bursts with childhood favourites with the Fish and Chips winning the day when it came to the kids’ choices, followed by the option to choose, and excitingly decorate their ice creams upstairs in a parlour which overlooks the street.


child drinks juice

clinking glasses

mother and son

Peter and I were kindly presented with a glass of bubbles, (the children, fresh juices) as well as specially curated menus encompassing dishes inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s latest healthy hit recipe book Ultimate Fit Food-Mouthwatering Recipes to Fuel You For Life, which did not disappoint.

tuna and avocado tartare

tuna and avocado tartare

Caesar salad

Tuna and avocado tartare for starters tantalised-and were almost, ALMOST too pretty to eat.

We also enjoyed a crisp Caesar Salad before tucking into a Californian ‘Fried Chicken’ burger each, also inspired by Gordon’s book.

chicken burger

The burgers are flash fried before being baked so no loss of taste but made with a healthier twist. These burgers are then nestled within a brioche bun lined with smashed guacamole and a garlic yogurt sauce with chunky thrice cooked chips on the side.

Hands-down this was the tastiest chicken burger I’ve ever eaten. I’m literally craving it as I write up this review up and would advise you simply go eat at Heddon Street Kitchen on this basis alone (although absolutely everything else is also sublime).

Look at the fish and chips and those green mushy peas. Wow!

fish and chips

Flatlay of culinary dreams.

flatlay of the food

Dessert was the prettiest pineapple carpaccio in the world, drizzled with vivid passion fruit, a globe-like coconut sorbet in its centre. Peter opted for the cheesecake in a jam jar dessert made with low fat soft cheese, fruit and nuts, also featured in the book and it was devoured so quickly, I’m surprised he managed to take this photo!

pineapple carpaccio dessert

healthy cheesecake

cheesecake in a jar

kids decorate ice cream

ice cream

ice cream cone

Have you seen more beautiful desserts, though? Me neither.


After a visit into the kitchens and a chat to the attentive, dedicated staff there, it was time to brave the cold once more and make our way back to Windsor, pledging to return again soon. And we will.

Sunday brunch is available from 10am and lunch from 12.


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