Thomas party

Thomas cake

Oliver had a fabulous 3rd birthday party with a few friends yesterday (27 being a few *cough).  Held at a well known private leisure centre it was Thomas the Tank Engine themed (O’s obsessed with that excitable little train and declared on seeing his cake, “I’d like to eat the funnel and boiler first Mama”). I might have had to ask him to show me which part was the boiler. What?


Other funny highlights include Oliver entering the empty room before the children arrived and looking at all the decorations and toys laid out that, “it’s very messy in here Mama” (it wasn’t) before clearing the glitter from the table. “I’ve got to clean up. I really don’t like these sequins”. Bless.

It really was a fun day with entertainers for the children and the most scrumptious yet healthy birthday lunch for all. Hummus anyone? I felt quite emotional by the end of the day having watched my confident little man talking to his friends and playing. He rushed up to me at one point and said, “Mama this is my birthday party. It’s  really amazing”.

I chatted away to the parents of children, my friends and family and I even danced in the disco to One Direction (please let’s never mention this again) with my favourite birthday boy. I only wish I hadn’t worn 4 inch heels, but you know, I’ve got to keep the glam stakes up, my boy did turn 3 after all!

Vicki and Oliver

Pictures © Peter Broadbent.

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12 Responses

  1. Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Wow, the cake looks gorgeous, and love the expression on Oliver’s face on the second picture. And ofcourse you needed to wear high heels, I would too. Shame our babas grow up so fast…cannot belive isabelle will be soon 6 and Olivia one year old already ;(

    • honestmum

      @Mirka oh wow cannot believe how grown up your babies are too. Glad you are with me on the heels, you just have to right! x

  2. Richmond Mummy

    Sounds like a great party! That’s so funny that he tried to clear up the sequins, ha ha – he’s hilarious! Allegra turns 2 in late Feb and I’m already starting to think about planning a party for her – trying to get ahead with the organisation while I can! – as I’d really like to make a big fuss of her that day, what with the next few weeks being likely to be new baby dominated. Great to read this post, has given me the spur to get cracking with the planning 🙂 xx

    • honestmum

      @Richmondmummy ooh so exciting she is turning 2-pleased this post has inspired you. I will tweet you the 2 year old post too-I even got a card I made shown on Cbeebies *proud Mama xx

  3. circusmum

    Oh I love that he tried to clear up the sequins, you’ve obviously drilled in some great cleanliness lessons already!
    That Thomas the Tank Engine cake looks awesome!


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