If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, where’ve you been?!) then you’ll know last night saw my family come together for another legendary party at my stunning Auntie Angelou’s beautiful home under a marquee in her garden.


 We are family!


 Champagne cocktail anyone?

party-Honest Mum

Stunning decor!

This time we were there to celebrate dashing Uncle Tim’s 60th birthday and it was utterly fabulous! Auntie Angelou’s luxurious home was turned into a cocktail bar/ al fresco restaurant with live music for the night and we couldn’t have asked for more!


For those asking on Instagram and FB, my dress is Motor Rocks, shoes are Dune! 

My family sure does love a party-laughing, eating and letting their hair down! Be it big family BBQ’s, birthday parties or elaborate christenings (see here for Alexander’s Christening Day), our gatherings are always bursting with fun, love, live music, great food and even better company!

 So close with my amazingly sweet, hilarious and photogenic cousins-

cousins-Honest Mum

The camera loves my Aunts and Uncles-with Uncle ‘George Clooney’ as we call my Mum’s brother!


 Papa G having a laugh as always!


And now for the birthday cake…

So cool!


60th-Honest Mum

Party-Honest Mum

Cake-Honest Mum


…The sun shone brightly as singers crooned to Frank Sinatra (and impersonators entertained us-yeah baby, yeah!) before disco hits rung out as we dined on a selection of sumptuous roast lamb, beef and chicken, potato dauphinoise, seasonal vegetables and Yorkshire puddings followed by vanilla cheesecake, chocolate profiteroles and exotic fresh fruit salad!


catering-Honest Mum


The fabulous entertainment got us all on our feet…



And made us laugh…a lot!


…My Auntie Loulla is serenaded below!

Auntie Loulla with singer-Honest Mum…My cousins and I sure did enjoy the free flowing mojitos and champagne! A bit too much I think…(I’m feeling it today!)

My darling husband Peter had the kids this time so I owe him the next party (promise, Peter)! He’s actually spent today laughing at me groaning over my sore head so I don’t feel too bad for him plus I brought him back a few party favours to cheer him up! Cheers!

party favours-Honest Mum

little bottles of whisky-Honest MumThanks Auntie Angelou for another wonderful party! You sure know how to throw them! Mwah x

The party’s official photographer Mark McInnes kindly let me share his photographs on the blog. Do check out his brilliant website Rocket Red Professional Photography.


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27 Responses

  1. Mama and More aka Zaz

    Gorgeous pictures, and gorgeous family! Love these shots, your family are all so beautiful, and looks like you had a fantastic time. Worth the sore head!

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, my family are ridiculously gorgeous but more than that they are beautiful inside too, caring, loving, loyal relatives that also know how to party. Feel blessed xx

  2. brummymummyof2

    WOW! How glam are your fam? Just as glam as you obv. Looks like an amazing shindig. I saw the pics on Instagram and got jel. Glad you had lots and lots of fun. I want booze now. Shame it’s only 3pm and I’m in charge of two tots! xxx

    • honestmum

      Haha thanks chick, they are quite a glam lot, I had such a sore head after but totally worth it! Hope you get a drink at the weekend x

  3. Caroline (BecomingaSAHM)

    What a fab and fun looking party! I love big family get togethers like that and all of your photos really capture the fun you all had. This post makes me smile a lot! 🙂 xx #allaboutyou

    • honestmum

      Aw that’s so sweet Mirka, I think you need to introduce me to camping as I’ve never done it-we can have a back up hotel sorted right?! Oh and when the sun’s out of course-this British weather is so unpredictable x

  4. WallyMummy

    I saw these photos and did think it looked like the best bloody party ever lay! Your family knows how to throw a good one I tell you :))) lol xx

  5. Julie

    Looks like an amazing bash, everyone looks like they had a brilliant time and you all look gorgeous xxx

  6. Ebabee

    It looks like a fabulous bash! Food sounds amazing, decor is stunning and you lot look like you belong in a glossy. Beautiful party, beautiful people. x


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