George breaks the world record

Papa G Breaks Another World Record

George breaks the world record

Papa G a.k.a George Psarias loves a challenge so when Jet 2 asked him to smash some plates to celebrate new routes to the Greek island of Kos and the Catalan city Reus in Spain, he couldn’t refuse and leapt/danced at the chance.

George/Dad of the renowned Olive Tree Greek Restaurants in Leeds went and did it too, breaking the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of plates smashed* in 30 seconds.

The existing record was 86, achieved by a Greek in Australia but the Olive Tree smashed 89 unglazed plates in 30 seconds on Friday the 10th May, beating him and earning a place in the Guinness World Records.

George said, ” I am absolutely delighted with this feat and all the staff are over the moon at achieving another world record”. George broke the world record for the longest kebab in the world in 1991 in Temple Newson charting a 325 metre lamb kebab using 147 lambs. In 1997 he created the biggest milkshake totalling 14,700 litres-using a steralized concrete mixer and a swimming pool to achieve this! You couldn’t make this up and he inspires my screenwriting work daily!

I’m so proud of him and my Mum for running such incredible restaurants-they are multi award winning and listed as the Top 4 Greek Restaurants in the UK by A.A. Gill and Dad is often on TV most recently cooking on ITV’s Britain Best Dish-The Professionals and Marco Pierre White’s Kitchen Wars on Channel 5.

He and my mother met at University and were adament they didn’t want to open restaurants and followed careers in business management and lecturing before deciding to open their first restaurant in Ilkley, Yorkshire in 1982 when I was just 2 years old.

They slowly expanded to three restaurants and my brother owns an Italian Giorgios, in Leeds too… I’m never short of where to eat that’s for sure.

*The Greeks smash plates as part of their entertainment when dancing in tavernas and bouzouki clubs to demonstate their joy. The record was challenged by Jet2 who are introducing a new route to the Greek island of Kos and the Catalan city of Reus in Spain. George said, “we had fun but this might be my last record as I’m getting a bit old these days”!  There’s still life in you yet Papa G and I’m sure many more records! Opa!


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