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On the same day that the nation celebrates one special birth, Pampers partners with an award winning director to celebrate #everybaby.

It couldn’t be more apt, as my 2nd cousin Leo’s birthday is May 2nd

Pampers know that every beautiful baby is a prince of princess to their parents, and with 2,000 babies born every day in the UK, each deserve the same joyous celebrations to mark their birthday!

At a time of national celebration around one special birth, Pampers wants to celebrate #everybaby born into a world of love, sleep & play in a new captivating film directed by award winning documentary maker, Elizabeth Stopford.

Mother and Baby

Baby Nicolas

In this moving piece of real-time content, you can watch the epic journey of everyday parents, mirroring the excitement of the new arrival in London. In the 90 second film, created in the same 24 hours that the eyes of the world were fixed on London, we follow the journey of the parents from nervous anticipation through to those precious first moments with their newborns, bringing to life the emotion, adoration and love felt by every parent on the arrival of a new baby.

Take a look and share the film in celebration of #everybaby:

The film was created and edited within 24 hours, and then aired as a 90 second TV advert during the newselevating every precious new arrival around the country to national news!

Baby Archie-

Baby Archie

Peter Yorke, Pampers Brand Director says, “We’re incredibly proud of this unique project as by filming in real-time with expectant families, we were able to mirror the journey being featured in the news, enabling the nation to celebrate as one, by shining a light on every single baby being born at the same time.”

Baby Adam-

Baby Adam

Pampers is the UK’s most trusted nappy brand*, supporting #everybaby in their unique developmental journey. They’re also incredibly proud to work with NCT – the UK’s largest parenting charity working together to better support parents and babies in the UK.

To celebrate #everybaby, Pampers is donating 100,000 nappies to NCT this month who will distribute them to families who need them most.

It was a pleasure to share this touching film and its stars-the bouncing baby boys in my blog post.

I might be feeling a little broody right now!

Baby Bogdan


* Nielsen P12M, Feb 2015

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3 Responses

  1. Ebabee

    This past week I’ve blogged about photographing newborns, about the miracle of birth and now I see this. Broody doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling! What a lovely video and I couldn’t agree more – each and every baby is special and to be celebrated.

    • honestmum

      Thanks darling, I know, loved your newborn posts and my cousin even had a baby on Saturday too, I’m feeling broody myself here! x


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