Hotel Chocolate Christmas Hamper

Win Hotel Chocolat’s Merry Christmas Everyone Hamper Worth £50

It will soon be that special time again folks and I for one, cannot wait. A time to relax with family and friends, enjoy a glass (or 3) of bubbles, exchange presents and hopefully lots of kisses and have fun with the people I love. I don't kn...
parsnip soup

Parsnip Soup

Dreamy, creamy parsnip soup.
Honest Mum and family

Having Kids Made Me Worry More

I'm admittedly a born worrier which to my surprise seems to be shock other people as several, particularly recently have remarked how chilled, upbeat and positive I am. Glass half full kind of person. Which I am. Yes I am. Bar PMT week but I as with most people are a complex being. You can be the life and soul and still worry incessantly.
bad day

When You’re Having a Bad Day

I wrote this post yesterday but ironically my day was so bad, I went to bed early and didn't get around to posting. I can laugh about it now as today is most definitely a new and much brighter day, but yesterday, yesterday sucked BIG TIME.