family shot

Our Very Merry Christmas!

family shotHere we are in full swing of our very merry Christmas!

I appear to have drifted into a festive themed blissful retreat filled with quality family time, delicious, Christmas food (Greek, English, French) and sunny, invigorating winter walks: wow, what a week. I feel like a new girl: relaxed, renewed and ready for the New Year. Cheers!


Highlights include Alexander, aged 15 months talking in mini sentences over the Christmas period. I was bestowed with the three loveliest words known to man (and woman): “I wuv you” in response to my own declaration yesterday and of course Oliver, nearly 4 has never failed to entertain this season.


He even questioned why Santas are so ubiquitous (OK he said ‘everywhere’-he’s clever but not THAT clever) and whether it was I who made Santa’s snow feet on the carpet (it was and thanks to icing sugar… but I wasn’t happy to be busted). Denial is key people. Always. And distracting him with Monsters Inc spin off products!

…I do really want the suspension of disbelief to never cease though yet already, at not even 4, he’s questioning it. I wonder whether children at pre-school with older siblings are to blame. He’s pretty mature for his age though and is ever-questioning, trying to work everything out from how the TV works to the difference between wheels on tractors (I should have married a farmer!!!).

Oliver and Mummy

Oliver really is a little (very cute) man in a child’s body! I do love him for it though! Such a smart, sensitive and sweet little chappy who thankfully does believe Santa exists but that Mummy’s also like to make snow feet.

Christmas dress

Now, without further adieu…

My full-on photo diary of Christmas and Boxing Day. It certainly was a Happy Christmas here!

I hope yours was very (very-hic!) Merry too!

Family photo

Godfather Andy, my brother Solos, Papa G and baby Alexander!

Dinner table set for Christmas

Dinner table set with family favourite antique gold dinner set which only comes out at Christmas! A cousin broke a plate last year and despite being Greek, Mum wasn’t happy! Hehe!

Posh prawn cocktail

Dad calls this his ‘posh prawn cocktail’!

Lobster starter

Others opted for lobster! Yum!

Dad and his Christmas turkey

Dad was proud of his turkey! It was ah-mazing!

Solos with champagne

My brother Solos opening another bottle…little hands trying to get some too!

dinner is served

Dinner is served!

Coffee and cakes

Coffee and cakes courtesy of Waitrose were served after dinner…before Christmas pudding in the evening!

To find out more about what we wore over the festive period, do head over to my style blog Mummy’s Got Style

It’s become a bit of a Boxing Day tradition to meet up with one of my oldest, closest friends Carlie and her family and this year it was lovely to see our little ones playing together so nicely and meet Carlie’s beautiful baby Jay! Lemon tart and green tea was the order of the day and it was wonderful catching up!

Carlie and I

We still look 15, right?

kidsThen we set off to watch the wonderful Father Christmas play at the West Yorkshire Playhouse as a family (Oliver and I had seen it a few weeks earlier when we went with Pre-school) but it was time for a family outing.

Alexander was captivated by the music and bright painted moon. It was magical watching it again with everyone!

What a truly perfect Christmas with family and friends, feeling very blessed!

What did you do?

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