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Our Review of GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious Soups

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So I’m now 4 weeks into my vegan diet and what initially started out as a temporary detox has turned into well…a bit of a way of life! Let’s see how things go but so far, so good folks!

I always expected I would feel better embracing a vegan diet, but never in my wildest dreams did I expect to feel this good! I’m on fire baby!!!!

Not only have I lost weight (so much so I can now fit into dresses I hadn’t been able to wear post-kids) but I’m also bursting with energy and feel so much calmer and happier too.

Although my work-life balance has remained the same (i.e both in overload with very little me-time), I now feel so much less stressed, my mind is more focussed and I’m feeling more productive than ever. Watch out world, hey!

Perhaps the most surprising element of going vegan is how easy I’ve found it all. I can honestly say I don’t miss meat and dairy one bit (OK, well maybe ice cream…)! However, I was able to sit opposite my mum on holiday whilst she tucked into a fillet steak and I didn’t even feel a slightly bit jealous.

Since turning vegan, soups have become a staple part of my diet and I’ve been taking advantage of the wonderful varieties of vegan soups packed full of vitamins and bursting with flavour.

So I was over the moon when GLORIOUS! got in touch asking if we would review their range of SkinnyLicious soups.

My gifted photographer husband Peter took the shots and well, I heated up and ate the results. It’s a tough job right?!

We were sent a tantalisingly diverse selection of soups from both their SkinnyLicious range and their hearty meal soups too.

Vegan recipes for myself and non-vegan ones for Peter and Papa G my restaurateur Dad to try. And it was pretty soup-er (soz) working our way through all the different varieties!

glorious! soupsglorious! soupsglorious! soupsGLORIOUS! Skinnylicious soups

The SkinnyLicious range are less than 2% fat and under 150 calories per portion so they’re great for anyone looking to eat healthily during the summer months.

I must add that low in fat in no way means low in flavour, as each soup is packed full of delicious spices and herbs from around the world and these really live up to their glorious namesake. They are ‘party in your mouth’ good!

I was so utterly impressed with all the soups, with connoisseurs Papa G and Peter assuring me the non-vegan recipes also tasted incredible too.

I usually make my own homemade soups, but sometimes I simply don’t have the time and lets be honest, there are times when you just can’t be bothered with all the cutting, prepping and cooking.

These GLORIOUS! soups have all the taste and health benefits of homemade soup but with none of the fuss.

Packed full of exotic flavours and ingredients, these bowls of goodness are pretty much on the opposite end of the flavour spectrum to your bog standard tomato soup.

With such adventurous flavour combinations and great quality ingredients, you could easily find these soups on the menu of a fine dining restaurant.

In fact, lets just say if the Michelin Guide covered soups, these babies would have 3 stars and I think you get the picture of how genuinely impressive they are!

You can see the full range of GLORIOUS! SkinnyLicious soups here

GLORIOUS! San Antonio SoupGLORIOUS! San Antonio SoupGLORIOUS! San Antonio Soup

Having tasted all the vegan soups, my personal favourite was the San Antonio Fiesta soup above.

Although part of the SkinnyLicious range, it was in fact super hearty and kept me full.

The soup is a veggie take on chilli con carne, packed full of black eye beans, haricot beans, black turtle beans, and red kidney beans (which are all high in fibre and potassium).

I loved the smokey, spicey flavour – an absolute taste sensation for summer and winter too.

…Another absolute hit with the taste buds was the Singapore Fling soup. A blend of crushed tomatoes, coconut cream, basmati rice and lemongrass, this fresh tasting, light, tangy soup is the perfect summer dish, whether you’re vegan or not!

GLORIOUS! Singapore Fling soupGLORIOUS! Singapore Fling soup GLORIOUS! Singapore Fling soupThe lemongrass flavour is distinct yet not overbearing and there’s also a subtle hint of kaffir lime too.

Overall, the soup is well balanced and has an authentic taste of the Far East, a holiday in a bowl.

…As a huge butternut squash fan, the New England in Autumn soup was always going to be a winner in my eyes.

Although it’s packed full of Autumnal flavours, it’s definitely a soup for all seasons. Silky and smooth, whilst the hint of cumin gives its warmth, this is exactly how a sumptuous soup should be!

GLORIOUS! New England in Autumn GLORIOUS! New England in Autumn 9WpljcM0EfArffzyAxMHRia0CWqCpiEuQUxRB3-lh6Q

And there’s more, made with carrot and lemongrass, the Thai Tuk Tuk and Tumeric soup is a fresh and fragrant soup.

Made with coconut milk, it has a thick creamy texture whilst being suitable for vegans.

Also part of the SkinnyLicious vegan range is More BangaloreAn incredibly well balanced soup, with the sweetness of the mango chutney perfectly complimenting the spice of the masala and curry leaves. 

Mumbai Madness is part of the GLORIOUS! meal soup range and this soupalicious number is brimming with healthy lentils, toor daal and chickpeas, flavoured with tumeric and ginger.

Such a filling soup I could literally eat every single day.

We were also sent a variety of non-vegan soups, here’s Peter and Papa G’s round up:

Goa Express is a veggie but non-vegan soup (it contains low-fat yogurt). Part of the SkinnyLicious range, it’s a super tasty, warming soup (thanks to the cumin) and deliciously smooth in texture.

Timeless In Tuscany is part of the GLORIOUS! meal range. A hearty bowl of chicken and orzo, the soup is delicious and goes perfectly with a hunk of crusty bread!

Another soup from the meal range is, Sunny Thai Days. This aromatic soup takes your tastebuds on a wild journey from hot and spicy to sweet and sour!

Heart of West Africa serves up a fantastic blend of spices balanced by the earthiness of the lentils and pulses. The chicken is cooked to ‘melt in the mouth’ perfection.

A soup with soul! Louisiana Voodoo is a bold, vibrant soup containing chicken, sausage and paprika and would be perfect for winter nights too. 

Now if that isn’t enough to make your mouth water, I’m also excited to announce that GLORIOUS! are offering 1 lucky Honest Mum reader the chance to win a WHOLE month’s supply of their SkinnyLicious soups! I know soup-erb (sorry, again)!


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GLORIOUS! Soups are available online and in all major supermarkets.

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